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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


3 stars

I'm not sure how to review this book. On one hand I wanted to really like this book but on the other hand there were quite a few aspects that i just couldnt handle. 

The good: I liked the chemistry between Lexi and Lucca. Their passion for each other was off the charts. 
I loved Hazel and how she was always there to suppprt Lexi and knew when she needed a rescue or a push. The same with Cameron too. 
Although it starts out a bit dark, its what had me hooked right from the start. 

The bad: I couldn't help but feel Lucca was a bit too desperate for Lexi. I didnt care for it at all. Especially when he got pushy to have sex without a condom. A man who cannot respect a woman's limits/wishes is no man at all.
I understood Lexi's desperation somewhat better because of what she went through but felt she was too back and forth with emotions. And her crying....I get she has issues but jeez did she cry over everything. 
Every other page was a sex scene. Not good ones either. Who says the kind of things Lucca did?!
Other than minor dramas there wasn't much going on in the book. Maybe I'm just a drama whore and need too much happening. Lol. 

Overall, it was a decent book, although lacking in some areas it was interesting in others. 

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