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Saturday, February 25, 2017


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

***Please note, ARC provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.***

Perfect Imperfections by J&L Wells was a bit of a roller coaster, both plot wise, as well as my enjoyment factor. Truth be told, I was a little skeptical for the first quarter of the book. It felt a little long winded and I wasn't sold on a couple of the characters, one being our heroine, Tasha. With that being said, I was intrigued by Gabriel and liked the fact that he was a bit bitchy lol and so I pressed on.

The more I got to know Gabriel, the more I liked him even if a couple of things didn't quite make sense to me. A day trip to a museum for example. Or maybe it just felt out of place given where things were in the story at that time. Similarly, if you're in limbo with someone, is it logical to pack a bag and share space for a few days?

Why 4 stars? Again, Gabriel. Such a cheeky, moody bastard that one and yeah, I dug it! I do wish the budding relationship had been explored a little more thoroughly. It felt a little glossed over, though other relationships, such as the sibling relationship between Tasha and Adrianna, dug a little deeper. While Gabriel played a huge role in my final rating, he didn't pull it off on his own. Family dynamics and a surprising twist at about three quarters in kicked things up significantly. Tasha's parents, for example, were the most interesting couple for me. Their past, a tricky one, and how it shaped their 'today', imo, is enough for oh, I dunno...their own novella maybe? Ahem.

The twist was nicely done. I did not see that coming and usually I can see such things coming a mile away. The fact that it snuck on me was a nice change. Kudos to the authors for that! Perfect Imperfections is a semi-slow burn romance with a healthy dose of family dysfunction that will hit you dead square in the feels.