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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

"Are you ready to remember Jenna?"~Farrell Black

^^^ Well...if she isn't, I damn sure am! Sigh...this book made me happy. It has everything, LITERALLY EVERYTHING, that I look for in a book.

Jenna had to make a choice. Said choice granted her the greatest of happiness and heartbreak at the same time. She made a huge sacrifice in order to start a new life, far from home but when tragedy calls her back, things get a bit messy...

Farrell Black, mob boss, with a hard body and soft heart. This character is ACES. Perfect male lead who demonstrated dominance, strength and leadership while maintaining a sense of humility and tenderness that will pull, no...YANK at your heart strings. Don't get me started on his relationship with Evan.

Savage never stalls out. It's smooth and seamless and while romance takes the lead, this book contains action and mystery to boot! I dug those parts too, obviously, but the ROMANCE!!! The intensity,  grit and struggle...yeah, I swooned HARD.  Dark and edgy...I am sold.

Savage IS a wee bit cliffy but not so much where you'll want to thrown your kindle against the wall!


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