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Sunday, September 4, 2016


My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

"The things I have and will continue to do to protect you. To avenge you. They are dark things. but that darkness is my burden to carry, and it always will be."


So excited to add A. Zavarelli to my list of FAVORITE authors! From this day forward, you write it, I will read it. Dark, sooooo very dark and totally, absolutely, jam! I cannot get enough of this series. Ghost is the 3rd installment and before I go any further, confession time. Early on, there was an ass spanking scene that had me ready to flip my shit. Not that I'm opposed to that sort of writing, I just got really, really nervous that it would taint the story, the series. We've all seen it, author runs out of ideas so lets go for cookie cutter shock and awe to make up for lack of creativity and character development. Not here! This author delivered and then some!

Speaking of character development, this is the best laid out series I've come across in a very long time. The characters leap off of the page effortlessly and I don't just mean the leads. Granted, Talia and Alexei are GOLDEN. They are gritty dysfunction at its very best with a white hot chemistry and rawness that you'll feel it in your bones! Talia's back story, Alexei's secret...simply perfect. Her male leads just ooze sex appeal. There is nothing more impressive that an author being able to find that sweet spot of  strong alpha male that you don't end up wanting to throat punch at some point. Every single one of these men are grey characters, some more shady than others. I do, however, dare you to say you would close your door in any of their faces. LOL! The surrounding cast, Magda and Viktor especially. I hung on their every word just as I would had they been the lead. They added layers and richness, far beyond just story d├ęcor that a lot of side characters fall into.

Ghost is a dark, gritty, raunchy, emotionally taxing sizzler that is an absolute MUST READ. This entire series should come as a boxed set including large amounts of alcohol, a fan and box of tissues. Emotional roller coaster indeed. My review for the first two installments in the Boston Underground series can be found HERE (CROW) and HERE (REAPER).

*This series contains graphic violence, sex and multiple triggers that may prove difficult for some readers.

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