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Thursday, August 18, 2016


My rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

***Please note, review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.***

***Slightly spoilerish***

I wanted to love this book, like really REALLY love this book. Dante was a stand out for me in book 1 of the Guardian Archives series and I couldn't wait to see how his story would unfold. Unfortunately, his appeal didn't carry over.

The intro was stunning. Loved every single word of it. It wasn't Dante though, it featured the prince and his queen and it was perfection. I settled in and couldn't wait to dive further. Then there was reference where Dante viewed another particular character as a 'little sister'. Gut. Punched. Even having finished this installment, I still say a HUGE opportunity was blown here.

Having said that, it wasn't the cause for my chosen rating. Firstly, I didn't like Dante. For me, his appeal was all but gone at the word go and it never really recovered. His constant gushing was annoying and so syrupy sweet that I needed him to just stop talking. He fell to the background and took Gio with him. I didn't care for her either. Then there was Maddox, who was basically a cartoon. Granted, it's hard to invest in a book where you're not fond of the main couple. Thing is, it didn't really feel like it was their book. Yes, there is a part 2 but if it's Dante's book, I need him to shine throughout. On a side note, barebackin' it with some dude you know zilch about, simply taking his word for it? No. The excessive use of the term 'feed' when it comes to sex was just entirely too much, overkill.

Speaking of sex, the backstory of the Gods and the descendants was fascinating. I wanted to know more and more and more but omg, the sex was endless. I mean literally at every turn to the point where I had to start skimming. Unfortunately, it helped kill the story for me. The supporting cast, did however, have my full attention. Ki and Thia? YES PLEASE.  Resiayanna and Sabrael? YES PLEASE. Christoff and Jade? YES PLEASE and I have to say, Zaqar and Myrrine were EVERYTHING!!! Alas, there was simply too much going on yet not enough of what really mattered. Not turned off to the point of tossing the series, yet not intrigued enough to jump straight into the next installment. I'll pick up Dante Part 2 sometime down the road.

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