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Tuesday, August 9, 2016



I have never read a book about Astral projection and I loved every minute of the world K.J. McPike has created. I've read many paranormal books and this was a breath of minty freshness! 
I need the sequel, and I needed it yesterday. I was skeptical, sad, shocked, angry, annoyed, with a few laughs in between......let's just say if you ever find yourself able to astral project, don't flap your wings like a chicken to fly around! LOL

Lali is your typical teenager living in a rural town, except her loving mother suddenly just left her, her 4 siblings and father dumbfounded. Just a few weeks before Lali's 16th birthday too. Now they're all trying to navigate their lives while trying to live with the fact that their mother is just gone. 

Midnight on Lali's 16th birthday is when her life was twisted even further upside down....and suddenly Lali is having some crazy "dreams".

Enter Kai. I wasn't sure how to feel about Kai, initially I felt his story was a little too coincidence for him to show up and need Lali's help..I was quite skeptical but Lali was too blinded by the promises he made...eventually he had me hooked and damn it, I needed them to kiss already! But alas, technically this is a YA book and no hanky panky. He had me, oh he had me with his chiseled muscles and his relentlessness for find someone he loves, he lost me for a bit and I wanted him to burn but in the end I just wanted to cry for him. 

There is 1 scene that get's Lali into quite the pickle.....and as she's building up to this I'm just screaming noooooo
Lali's sibilings, oh goodness, those are some characters! I cannot wait to see what is in store for them. 

The 2 characters I didn't much care for, were Lali's best friends at school. They were pretty much terrible friends and I felt like they weren't much needed in the story at all. It felt almost like they were secondly written in. I couldn't stand Paisley or her shadow twin chick. Nelson was a weiny. lol.

The cliffhanger! Ugh.....not the worst cliffhanger I've ever had but damn it......WHERE'S THAT SEQUEL?!

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