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Friday, July 29, 2016


My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

"Ye must've been chewing on four leaf clovers all along...I'm completely mad for you, sweetheart." ~Lachlan Crow

This new to me author/series came as a complete surprise! I'll admit, I grabbed it because at the time, it was free and lets be honest, the cover is eye catching. I had no idea I would end up enjoying it as much I did.

I love the use of music in this book. Various song titles are mentioned throughout, which brought more life to the story that was being told. The play list is on. point.,  90's Alternative Rock! On to the book itself...

Wow. First we have a headstrong, kick ass heroine in Mackenzie, aka Mack. She's young but has seen a lot, lost even more and had to grow up way too fast. She's determined to find answers, even if it could ultimately cost her her life. Enter Lachlan Crow...

My face hurt from all the grinning, the swooning and the OMG!!!!'ing LOL Crow is everything I could possibly want in a male lead. He is the epitome of grey character. He'll melt and break your heart as easily as he'll put a hole in it. He's lethal, deadly and with that Irish accent...I was done for.

Crow is an action packed, emotional roller coaster of a ride that features an unlikely pairing who is my EXACT BRAND OF DARK DYSFUNCTION. Envelopes were pushed and with power comes struggle and with defiance comes submission. I cannot stress it enough, READ THIS BOOK! Next up...REAPER!

P.S.-Chapter 35.

*Warning-contains scenes that may be difficult for some readers

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