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Monday, February 15, 2016


My rating: 2 out of 5 stars

"As far as tears go, I think yours taste the best."~Dornan

First, I would like to talk covers. This one is stunning, perfect. The 'book' itself is bullshit.  These serial installments average out to what...100 pages each, give or take? okay fine but I need what little I have to mix it up, move around, cover a lot of ground so that I don't feel like I'm reading one, maybe two really long chapters. The previous installments did a good job in doing so. This one? Not so much. It was an absolute necessity, plot wise, to have this deeply disturbing scene and yes, it was powerfully written but when I, as the reader, knew this was a very short book, I needed more to come into play before it actually did. Suddenly it picked up, new elements and then yep, you guessed it, it was over.

Can I just say, I damn near LOST MY MIND when I hit chapter 5 only to see that in consisted of 28 words. TWENTY EIGHT. Can you imagine my reaction when it happened again at chapter 8 (46 words)? I'm sorry but no. That's just not okay in my opinion and to be honest, it felt very insulting to me, the reader. I read the first couple of books individually but it wasn't until the entire box set was offered, at a steep discount, that I decided to pick it back up and I am so glad I did. As much as I love this story, this author and this world she has created and how this installment ended, I'm stepping away and will come back to the final installments at a later time.

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