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Sunday, February 14, 2016


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My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

"Damn it Julz, you could burn the whole world down and I'd still forgive you."~Jase

Why oh why did I take so long to get back to the Gypsy Brothers?! At a mere 88 pages, I devoured this one in one sitting. Am I still pissed that it's written as a serial? YES. I hate serials, hate them, yet here I am, salivating over every page swipe. The length is the ONLY reason I'm not giving this one 5 stars. I'm just stubborn like that.

This installment was just as raw and gritty as the previous but with so much added 'heart'. This type of soul splitting emotion isn't an easy accomplishment yet Ms. St. Germain managed in just a few pages. I'm all for a love triangle, if done correctly and while I wouldn't quite call it a typical love triangle, this odd, dangerous dance between Jase, Julz and Elliot is fascinating. Who should my heart break for? I can't decide! I love that Julz, despite her many, MANY flaws, is a female lead I can genuinely root for. She isn't perfect and let's be honest, she's clearly unstable, but her strength and drive is so refreshing in a genre where females are often dumbed down in order to elevate the all mighty 'alpha male'.

Fast paced, dark, suspenseful and sexy! Onto book #5, Three Years!

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