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Sunday, June 28, 2015



***Please note, provided by the author, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review***

A dark angel, with blood on his hands and fire in his eyes

So, three things...

1. Keri Lake is one of my absolute favorite authors.

2. I really, REALLY wanted to love this book.

3. I don't expect mine to be one of 'popular opinion'.

What I liked-

Ms. Lake is a master at 'painting the picture'. Her stories always hit the ground running and continue to build throughout. The reader is given a very clear picture of the world she created and the characters that lived there. Also, I have always loved her character dynamics, the ones aside from the H/h. In this case, Nick's relationship with Lauren was very tender and sweet. It added a much needed layer to his dark character. She's very detailed with her characters which gives her readers an in-depth look inside these characters to see what drives them. Overall, Ricochet is a fast paced, action packed, sexy, dark emotional roller coaster that many will absolutely devour.

What I didn't like-

I felt this story went on a bit too long. There were parts, throughout, that in my opinion could have been trimmed. I found myself skimming more often than I should have. I became a fan of Ms. Lake via her paranormal romance and while Ricochet is not, I almost feel like it should have been. That way, there is more room for it to be a little 'out there' when it comes what would actually be considered realistic. It had a bit of a marvel comic turned movie feel to it which was a turn off for me. The things Nick got away with, what all the characters (for the most part) got away with, seemed way over the top.

Little things that didn't work for me such as, Aubree's wrist tattoo. It wasn't like a small little symbol or anything. It was like a four line passage yet, never noticed it before? Where did all the cartoon references come from? She didn't have any children. Safe sex was nonexistent, despite him doing god knows what during his blackouts, and what was so 'dark' exactly? The darkest part of their sex life was 'fade to black'. I never noticed an explanation for the bloody sheets. Also, given HIS situation, the fact that she has a background in anything even remotely associated with left a bad taste in my mouth.


I figured out the twist early on and I immediately grew concerned on how it would be handled in the end. I'm all for fantasy. I'm all for the stories and the characters being larger than life. Hell, I'm even all for love conquers all! However, I feel that when an author chooses to add something very real, an actual diagnosis, it changes things entirely. I think that, at that point, the author has an obligation to handle that aspect of the story properly and that any glossing over it or romanticizing it can be dangerous and therefore irresponsible. This is not to preach or to lecture anyone, only my opinion on the subject matter. I know many will disagree and that's okay, difference in opinions is what makes the world go 'round. For me, however, it took away any chance of me fully loving this story or feeling at all satisfied with the ending.

There will be a huge audience for Ricochet and I expect it to be greatly successful. I am still a huge fan of this very talented author and look forward to what she has up her sleeve next!

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