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Sunday, June 7, 2015


My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

***Please note, this book was gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review***

"Just promise me you will lean on me when you hurt, I need to know that I can be that person for you."~Jagger


Love/Hate. That was my ride from beginning to end. I haven't been this torn about a book in a very, very long time and so forgive me if this review is shit cause I really don't know how I'm going to properly form an explanation here. I think the best I can do is break it down, the 'good' vs the 'bad'. First, let me say, I am no prude. I personally think a great deal of our society take themselves way too seriously, I don't care what is 'politically correct' and what isn't. Nor do I have a problem with graphic language, as a myself curse...a lot. Having gotten that out of the way, let's start with the good.


*Chapter 2. Chapter 2 was a saving grace because chapter 1 had me thisclose to DNF. Chapter 2 was well written, emotional and riveting. My tears were free flowing. I was nervous going into chapter 3 but I enjoyed that one as well. I loved the feel of the story and journey I thought I was about to be taken on. Chapter 2 was about tragedy and loss and I loved how the author used entertainment headlines to carry the reader through that time in our heroine's (Henley) life and how she began to find her way back.

* The band mates. I loved how each of the guys have their own very distinguishable personality and that said personality was allowed to shine through as the story unfolded. Kip was my absolute favorite, even though his antics wore a little thin at times. I especially appreciated the sneak peak towards the end that gave a little insight to why Kip uses humor as a deflection. Koi, the adorably protective older brother gave me some laugh out loud moments. He's a great character that I hope is explored more as this series continues.

*Emotional. Between the playground kickball flashbacks and the lyrics to "Hands Down", Guitar Face holds some beautifully written, tear jerking moments.


*Chapter 1 and the immature, extremely outdated terms throughout. Chapter one was so incredibly bad. I honestly didn't know if I could go any further. It read like desperate fan fic written by a horny 14 year old. Maybe I'm just getting old but fuck if I know anyone beyond legal driving age who says things like "pork me", "fun hole" or "baloney pony". Henley didn't always say such drivel out loud. No, it was mostly saved for me, the reader, who had to suffer through her mindless, childish inner monologue. It was like she was a bitch in heat and I so desperately wanted to hose her down.

*The word rape. Using it to describe anything other than the violent crime it is, is not cute. It is not flirtatious, nor is it witty. And on that note, the whole 'teaching Kip a lesson' scene didn't set well with me at all. Had that been a female character, shit would have hit the fan.

*Repetition. Pantie dropping. Focus Grasshopper. If she looked to her feet one more time to make sure 'her panties hadn't dropped around her ankles', my kindle would have hit the wall.

*Lack of emotion between the lead couple. I struggled to connect to our couple here. I felt it was more physical than emotional so when the ups and downs hit, I wasn't emotionally invested enough to care either way. I did, however, love how Henley laid down the law on her front porch but two seconds later I was pissed again. The only time I felt an emotional pull was the parking lot scene when Jagger carried her guitar case for her to put in her trunk.

*Some random things that grated my nerves were 1. Everyone one is hot. It was like every single person was oh so very hot. It drove me nuts. 2. Our 115lb heroine drank 4 bottles of wine...OK. 3. Token lesbian and token African American seemed to be exactly that...tokens. It felt out of place, instead of integrating them into the story, they felt like decoration instead. 4. Insta-love. Each band member should have his own book so why, were 2 seemingly thrown into a relationship in book 1? Why rush it? Why not let these relationships develop in their individual books. That of course is a creative decision for the author but it seemed odd to me.

In conclusion...LOVE/HATE.

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