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Friday, January 30, 2015


My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

**Please note, this book was gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review**

Ruled by the Moon takes places in the small, yet mysterious town of Nocturne. Morgan is a psychic veterinarian who finds herself drawn to the mystery so much as to relocate and open her own practice there. After a bitter divorce, Nocturne offers the new start she needs, including a shifter named Dylan.

First, I want to thank author Naomi Bellina for providing my a copy of her book to review. I am currently on my own literary journey, if you will, and I'm learning first hand the level of anxiety and feelings of vulnerability that come along with putting pen to paper. With that being said, you can't please everyone.

I liked the idea of this story but unfortunately, it never fully came together for me. I didn't like, nor did I dislike any of the characters. They were just...there. I couldn't make a connection with any of them therefore I never got invested. So even though the plot itself held promise, I couldn't given it more than 3 stars. I'm looking for more 'umph' and a dominant male who is truly dominant, instead of just occasionally cranky. Ruled by the Moon definitely has an audience. The story is well written and the pace remains steady throughout. It's unfortunate that I couldn't made that much needed connection with the characters.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015



(Erotica, Dark Romance, F/M and M/M scenes, Rock Star Romance, Ménage, Sexy Detective, Alpha Male, Supernatural themes)


“Losing her mind wasn’t an experience she enjoyed.”

After a steamy night of passion with a dark stranger, Arbor’s life takes on a surreal edge. Disturbing dreams, lapses in memory, and entire buildings going missing are only a few of her problems. Her search for answers leads her to Detective Trey Murphy, the man in charge of investigating satanic and ritualistic crime for the New Orleans’ area.

Where do you turn when your mind is the enemy?

Meeting Trey only adds to Arbor’s confusion. By day, he keeps her captivated and gains her trust in a way no one else ever has. At night, Arbor’s every fantasy is brought to life by two sexy men who steal away her inhibitions. Torn between what her heart knows is real and what her eyes show her, Arbor must find the truth before she loses herself completely.

But then again, sometimes reality is more twisted than any dream and love is the cruelest form of insanity.

**Author Note**

Warning: This isn’t your typical love story. It’s dark with scenes some may find disturbing. Sometimes love is senseless, and the heart is so very stupid.











“I thought you were with the band,” he said as he lifted his coffee to his lips. It was the only way he could think to open the topic for discussion. Not that he cared, of course. She’d called him. It was a start. If there was a line he wouldn’t cross when it came to getting what he wanted—namely, her—he hadn’t yet seen it. Deep longing for something out his reach was a familiar weight. Her eyes never left the dessert menu. He knew she wasn’t really seeing it because her gaze remained fixed to one spot.

“With the band,” she repeated, sounding wry and making him wonder if he’d insulted her. “That would require knowing where they are,” she added so quietly Trey assumed it was meant more for her than him. With a shake of her head, Arbor met his stare. For a split second, Trey was rendered mute. Everything around them disappeared. It punched him in the chest. She possessed something other people did not.

“What about you?” Her question didn’t make as much sense as it might have if she wasn’t affecting his brain function.

“I’m not with the band,” he said automatically, pulling a ghost of a smile from her.

“You’re a cop,” she said, helping him along.

“Detective actually.” He wasn’t trying to be a dick. It was more that he’d worked hard to get where he was. She set her elbows on the table. A playful light entered her eyes.

“What do you detect?”

“Satanic and ritualistic homicides.” Huh. She didn’t even flinch.

“I wasn’t aware there was such a high number of those types of murders that it required a special title. Are you the only one or is there an entire division?”

Against his will, Trey’s lips twisted. “Unfortunately, there is a need for such a title. There’re three of us. I’m not sure it counts as an entire division. Louisiana is a hotbed of all things satanic and ritualistic. You’re likely to run across anything here.”

Her gaze moved over his face, but her expression remained blank. “You do look tired.” Before he had time to react, she added, “I’ll have to take your word on the matter. I only moved here two weeks ago.”

He opened his mouth to ask more. Instead, something entirely different popped out. “You’re beautiful.” She blinked. Her surprise evident. There was no way she was as shocked as he was. He hadn’t meant to say it. It was true, of course, but it had still slipped past his lips without his permission.

“Thank you.” Arbor’s response sounded more questioning than automatic. He snorted. She blushed. The sight fascinated him. Their knees brushed making Trey realize somehow, he’d moved his chair closer to hers.







Arbor Sinclair was born in Colorado where she lived until her early twenties. From there she moved to New Orleans to follow the two greatest loves of her life.

Killian Moore and Lyric Wynters are the front men for the popular grundge-rock band Excile. They spent several years tourning the country before meeting Arbor.

Trey Murphy lived with his grandparents for most of his life until he went off to college to earn his degree in forensic science. It’s always been his dream to make detective.



Sunday, January 4, 2015


My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

***please note, this book was gifted via the author in exchange for an honest review***

"Take it easy there, Snowball. I don't want to hurt your Barbie-haired boy toy. I only want to talk--"

Mmmhmmm....sure he does...;-P

Battle Cry is the second installment of the Loki's Wolves series by author Melissa Snark. Pack leader, Victoria, aka Victory, Storm has suffered a lot of loss in her time and while she struggles to deal, she also has the future of her pack to fight for, not to mention, the child she is now carrying. Her pack has lost so much and with their count having dwindled down so significantly, their future is bleak. Bad blood runs deep between her and the head of the hunters, and to make matters worse, a prediction of the unthinkable paired with a vampire threat, Victoria's world is turned upside down.

I really enjoy this authors writing style. The healthy dose of mythology, paired with paranormal, toss in some shits and giggles and it makes for a fun, energetic read. Battle Cry has some highly emotional scenes as well as graphic violence and while there is humor here and there, it fit nicely. Very nicely. Ms. Snark isn't afraid to kill off a character and I have a love/hate reaction to that. LOL! One character in particular caught my attention IMMEDIATELY and I had my typical oh Imma figure this out right here and now moments and thought OH! Character A is gonna....two pages later, dead. I cursed, I laughed, I pushed forward.

Victoria herself is just a little 'meh' for me. There are other female pack members that I'm curious about and hope to hear more from as this series progresses. In this installment, it was the men who shined. On a side note, I miss Logan...Anywho, Sawyer? Awww. Even dear ol', bat shit crazy, I'm scared of his ass Jake will charm you and Loki...LOVED me some Loki. Such a smart ass. ;-)

So why not a higher rating? Romance. Or that lack there of I should say. And maybe that's not exactly fair, ratings wise but damn it! I wanted more. Don't get me wrong, there's chemistry, as well as tension but this was action over romance and I just always prefer a little more balance in what I read. With that being said, I will absolutely continue with this series!