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Saturday, July 12, 2014


My rating:3 out of 5 stars

First things first, a big thanks to the authors and PAC R2R (via Goodreads) for giving me the opportunity to read Alphas Unleashed. I struggled with my rating because while I liked all four stories, I didn't like them equally and over all, a couple of them were entirely too short. I realize this is a bundle and I've read many where there are novella's grouped together and that would have been great. Alphas Unleashed, however, felt like more of a sampler.

With that being said, book 1 is The Warriors Heart. The Cooper brothers will easily steal your heart and I loved the idea, the plot of the world that was created. Unfortunately, because of the length, it felt a bit rushed to me and while I adored the brothers, there was nothing "ALPHA" about them. They were incredibly sweet and little brother especially had me grinning like a fool.

Next up was Sealed With a Kiss. I really enjoyed this one and wanted MORE. Mina Khan is definitely an author that I'll look for in the future. I loved that it took place near me (Houston), in the heart of the Montrose area no less. Rayez was delish and the back and forths between he and Selene were fantastic. This too, however felt rushed.

Dead Drop had so much potential. I'm actually on the fence as to whether I want to seek out this series or not. I do love me some demons and Palla truly fit the bill. Some of the more intense, emotional scenes were so beautifully written. Unfortunately, while I appreciate the fact that this story included a social issue (racial diversity), I felt like it was overkill. She's African American and self conscious about it, or about how others see her I should say. Ok, great foundation, that lets me know where she's coming from but I don't need an oddly placed mention of her debating cornrows or not to remind me. LIke I said, on the fence with this one.

Last and definitely not least, Chimera Born, was my favorite, hands down. Even though it too was a novella, it didn't feel quite as rushed and the world building was much better. Ms. Callahan painted the picture for me quite well and developed her characters nicely in just a few pages. Atom is an abomination, a Dark Prince who has been held captive but hell bent on not succumbing to the dark side. Amazing chemistry between the leads and while Zoey isn't exactly my kind of heroine, it worked and even though the "supporting cast" made brief appearances, they too make their mark. I will absolutely seek this series out.

Overall, Alphas Unleashed would be a great travel read and a way to sample authors you may not have otherwise been exposed to.

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