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Saturday, July 26, 2014


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

***Gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review***

"May all the Gods help you when Ares finds out what you've done, Apollo, because I won't."


And really, was there much Apollo DIDN'T DO? More on the Golden God in a minute...

Raven. Kingdoms of War, the finale of the Of War series by Lisa Beth Darling begins with  a recap, via Raven. He's on the island, his mind is spinning in all directions, he's putting things together, making realizations about the family around him, himself...his mother. The scene between Raven and Alena was a LONG TIME coming and provided a nice kick start to what turned out to be a heart wrenching, emotionally charged ending to this amazing saga.

While everything came to a head, all of the characters, in a sense, found themselves. Not that Ares, Alena and their two children have ever been one dimensional characters but in this finale we, the reader, get to see them grow and come full circle. Ares, our fierce God of War faces his toughest challenge in all his many years and we see the heart, and sometimes tears, that comes with the beauty and brawn. Have your tissue ready, just. sayin'. Between father and son....damn it. Little Rose shined bright. She was quite the scene stealer on more than one occasion as did the son I love to love and hate...Eros. Alena demonstrated the true essence of woman and the inner strength we posses when necessary. While I love, LOVE this family, it was Apollo, bat. shit. crazy. Apollo who stole the show!!!

Apollo has never been the poster boy for mental health but let me just say, he flipped his shit like only Apollo could.  If there was ever a character you LOVE to HATE. He has shocked me multiple times throughout this series but here, in the Kingdoms of War, I couldn't believe what I was reading. Just when I thought he couldn't possibly top his last dastardly deed...he did. My jaw was on the floor most of the time and I loved every minute of it. Oh the dark places he went...

This was very close to being a 5 star read for me. One real issue was that I did feel it went on a little longer than necessary. I loved the multiple story lines taking place all at once and how it all came together but for me, it could have been condensed a little bit. Secondly, Lenore. I didn't dislike the character per say but I wanted more for my Dark Prince and the pacing for the pairing didn't flow for me. Speaking of...while we the reader know Raven father two children with two different mothers yet (unless I missed it) the fate of only ONE of those children was revealed, even as the story came to an end.

If you haven't yet discovered this series, what are you waiting for?! It's dark, twisted, sexy and Gods everywhere you turn. What's not to love?!  Please be advised...Kingdoms of War contains scenes that may be offensive to some viewers including, but not limited to, rape and incest ..we ARE talking bout the Greek Gods after all ;-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014





With nearly four billion souls lost to the ravages of anarchy and the dreaded disease Major Falls, Ares and Raven journey the Mortal World vainly reaching for a sliver of what was only to discover what will be. Unleashed by Apollo, Major Falls—a weaponized version of the flu and rabies-- has wiped out every person of watery Mortal Blood.


From the fiery wreckage a new world is slowly arising one where the descendants of Olympians, Celts, Dark Fae, and all manner of Magickal Being will rule. For the last millennium the Dark Kingdom has sent small legions of its Daughters in search of its Lost Queen. Among their number is Lenora, a sharp tongued Dark Fae who joins up with ARES hoping to get close to its leader, Raven. And she does.


The Wolf inside the God of War contracts Major Falls. As Ares and Athena wander the world hoping to curtail further damage by obliterating weapons of mass destruction he slowly succumbs to the sickness taking over his fevered rabid mind. Ares may not live to see the glory of Olympus restored nor fight to keep his Wife. If he does, how high will be the price for Ares' life? How long will Alena have to keep paying Apollo even once Ares is crowned King of Olympus?




Ares' hips moved upward in a meaningful stroke, he pierced through her body penetrating deep into her snug walls slick with waiting, making her flinch, making her cringe and shudder. She shrank away from him a moment. The hand cupping her bottom went to her jaw to hold it firmly, "You fear me?  Your Lover?"

There was no flinching or hesitation, "Never."

As she slumped against him, sliding further down on him, Ares dark eyes rolled back in his head until only the whites showed below his fluttering lids. For a second his knees threatened to give out he began sinking to floor.  Letting go of her wrists pinned above her head he expected her arms to fall limp at her sides but they didn't they wrapped around him filling him with a new strength as they raked across his back and called to his wild nature.  Feeling the fire explode to a full grown inferno, Ares stood up again planting his hand on her ass, the palm encircling her jaw eased over her chin, caressed her neck, just before it clamped around her throat as his lips closed down over hers, he felt it work hard as his tongue invaded her mouth, cutting off her air.  The legs around his waist squeezed, the wet walls suckling his cock swelled, and instead of fighting for precious air she kept her legs locked tight, using her thighs to pump up and down on him, to grind against him and welcome him home.




Lisa lives in her hometown of New London, CT with her husband of 28 years, Roy. Together the two have raised two adult daughters and, as of this writing, are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first grandchild.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014


My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Phew! What a ride. First I would like to thank Ms. Miller and the PAC R2R group (via Goodreads) for giving me the opportunity to read 500 Days. In the beginning, 500 Days seemed to be EXACTLY what I was looking for, I mean, angsty rocker and snarky heroine with a chip on her shoulder? Yes please!

Alexis, aka Alex, is the only girl in a family full of brothers whose names all begin with the letter J (while cute, this caused some confusion for me, trying to keep them all straight)and they are quite the crew. I fell in love with every single brother, immediately, and I felt it was the "brotherly love" that was the strongest connection in this entire book. They were "real" and natural without it turning into a bad after school special.

Alexis, along with best friend/cousin Decklan work at a local bar to pay their way through college. This is where resident bad boy-rocker-whore guy comes into play. Casper is apparently what all the college girls are doing these days yet he has his sights set on the firecracker behind the bar.

I'm a little torn when it comes to the push and pull that went down between Alex and Casper for the entire length of the book. On hand, I loved that she would go toe to toe with him at every turn but after awhile, it became exhausting. I love a fiesty heroine who takes no shit but Alex slowly became a walking cartoon character as the story progressed. One that was borderline abusive. I just wasn't comfortable with how aggressive she was with Casper. Granted, a dramatic slap across the face is almost a given in Contemporary Romance but hell, it was like Casper left his balls in a guitar case somewhere. The sex scenes were okay but the constant "grunts" and Casper using the word "undies"

This book would have done well to have been trimmed down a bit, or a lot. With a whopping 528 pages, there were large chunks of the plot that just went on and on and on and a nod to the title came in a little too late and then ending, the DRAMATIC ending, in a way, made me want to put a fork in my eye. It felt cheesy and out of place given the "grit" of the rest of the book.

I don't want to be harsh, I really don't. There were aspects of this book that I loved. There were heartfelt scenes that just ripped my heart out and the relationships between all the characters was extremely powerful and well written. There were times I had tears running down my face and loved every minute of it. Unfortunately, the heroine lost her appeal to me and there were some plot holes that rubbed me the wrong way. So while I felt that 500 Days had more potential than it was able to deliver, it's still an impressive novel by a "new to me" author I really look forward to reading more from in the future.


My rating:3 out of 5 stars

First things first, a big thanks to the authors and PAC R2R (via Goodreads) for giving me the opportunity to read Alphas Unleashed. I struggled with my rating because while I liked all four stories, I didn't like them equally and over all, a couple of them were entirely too short. I realize this is a bundle and I've read many where there are novella's grouped together and that would have been great. Alphas Unleashed, however, felt like more of a sampler.

With that being said, book 1 is The Warriors Heart. The Cooper brothers will easily steal your heart and I loved the idea, the plot of the world that was created. Unfortunately, because of the length, it felt a bit rushed to me and while I adored the brothers, there was nothing "ALPHA" about them. They were incredibly sweet and little brother especially had me grinning like a fool.

Next up was Sealed With a Kiss. I really enjoyed this one and wanted MORE. Mina Khan is definitely an author that I'll look for in the future. I loved that it took place near me (Houston), in the heart of the Montrose area no less. Rayez was delish and the back and forths between he and Selene were fantastic. This too, however felt rushed.

Dead Drop had so much potential. I'm actually on the fence as to whether I want to seek out this series or not. I do love me some demons and Palla truly fit the bill. Some of the more intense, emotional scenes were so beautifully written. Unfortunately, while I appreciate the fact that this story included a social issue (racial diversity), I felt like it was overkill. She's African American and self conscious about it, or about how others see her I should say. Ok, great foundation, that lets me know where she's coming from but I don't need an oddly placed mention of her debating cornrows or not to remind me. LIke I said, on the fence with this one.

Last and definitely not least, Chimera Born, was my favorite, hands down. Even though it too was a novella, it didn't feel quite as rushed and the world building was much better. Ms. Callahan painted the picture for me quite well and developed her characters nicely in just a few pages. Atom is an abomination, a Dark Prince who has been held captive but hell bent on not succumbing to the dark side. Amazing chemistry between the leads and while Zoey isn't exactly my kind of heroine, it worked and even though the "supporting cast" made brief appearances, they too make their mark. I will absolutely seek this series out.

Overall, Alphas Unleashed would be a great travel read and a way to sample authors you may not have otherwise been exposed to.