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Monday, February 24, 2014


Welcome to my stop on the Shadow Town (Maggie Lane Chronicles #1) by Robyn Jones Tour

Published: January 29, 2014
Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance

Goodreads Summary

By day, nineteen-year-old Maggie Lane is property manager of Pearl Estates, a posh housing community owned by her father and occupied by Shadows. By night, she's a waitress at a local dive. When a girl at her night job disappears, she dives into Scooby mode. She might be able to handle a missing waitress on her own, but when a new Shadow moves in next door and turns her into a blushing, flirting, love-crazed girl, her need for answers unearths nightmares from her past and monsters of the here and now. It's possible her bad attitude might not be enough to carry her through.

New Adult paranormal romance Shadow Town is the first novel in the Maggie Lane Chronicles.

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“Are you kidding me? Branden, the Haas' are late on their electric bill.” I was over there yesterday with checkbook in hand! I asked them if they were behind.

There's no doubt in my mind what that Minerva Power truck is doing in their driveway. It's the same routine. My evil father accepts a rental application from some wonderfully kind family who can't afford our neighborhood. As soon as they miss a payment, he ousts them for a Shadow. I've been able to see the darkness my whole life, a useless gift that gave me a comfy seat on too many shrink couches as a kid. It’s not like I have special powers. I see an inky sort of cloud that hovers around them. Them being the majority of the tenants in my father's strange town within a town. 

Frank Beeker is too rich for his own good, if he had any good in him to begin with. Sometime back, my father got it into his head to build a village, not with huts and archaic stones to keep the tide from washing away homes. No, Frank came up with a mini-town that's a cross between crazy recluse commune and Beverly Hills gated community. 

Twenty-three houses, one small cafe, one kitschy store, a medical clinic, and an indoor Olympic-sized pool, make up the place I call home. The pool house is the big draw for me, besides the awesomely huge pool, plus there's a hot tub. To top it off, I have my own hours in the morning that exclude the rest of the neighborhood. 

Of the twenty-three houses, only five (not including mine that I share with my best friend, Branden Mills) have normal families living in them. The rest are Shadows. Every eviction brings one more to the town, to my dad's Pearl Estates. The name is cheesy, I know. I didn't have a say in what to call this bizarre Shadow home, just as much as I didn't have a say in my birth name, Marguerite Lane Beeker. It's Maggie Lane now.

About Robyn Jones:

I'm the mom of two hardcore boys. My oldest trained me to be matter-of-fact, no frills. My youngest wants the whole singsongy sweet package. Thank goodness for reading and writing because they are my sanity makers. I know life is all about the journey, that's why I like my fiction to be all about the destination. I want to be taken somewhere not here when I read, same goes with the stories I create. Thrills, chills, tears, and laughter, but there has to be something to hold on to at the end.

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  1. Thank you texxie! I hope all is well!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing and being a part of the tour, texxie! Have a wonderful day :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.