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Saturday, February 22, 2014


My rating:4 out of 5 stars
***Please note, book gifted to me by the author via PaC Romance group on Goodreads***
"I sound like a chick."
Yes Alex, indeed you did...and I loved you for it. Sometimes, just sometimes, I'm lucky enough to snag just the right book that's just right for me at just the right time and Cherry Stem has earned its spot on that short list.
Cherry Stem is a vampire that is pretty much on her own. She's still aching from a broken heart and aside from the occasional (and mandatory) meal...she generally keeps to herself. It's that need to feed that brings her face to face with a hot human cop by the name of Alex.
Alex is SUCH. A. GIRL. but in the most manliest ways possible. ;-) The tough cop wears his damaged heart on his sleeve, has a lopsided grin and is prone to a blush or two when jealous. With that being said, don't underestimate him. Officer Alex is all man and quite the dominant when it counts. On that note, the steam factor here is off the charts and can I just say...when his insecurities rise....O.O
Not to be outdone, we also have Constantine. This grey character has more of an edge to him and I do love my vamps. Not all love triangles work for me as I typically have a clear favorite but that wasn't the case here. I went back and for and back again. Maybe I'll just pretend they all three lived happily ever after!!!
Cherry is a great heroine. Sure, she's suffered loss and heartache but it hasn't completely turned her to stone and left her emotionally crippled. I look forward to more of her story. I haven't seen anything in regards to a sequel but there has to be a book 2. There just HAS TO BE!!!


  1. Psst, there is a sequel, and I'd love to send you a copy. Thank you for the lovely review!

  2. Yesssss! Mobi please,

    ***eeek! so excited!***