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Monday, February 17, 2014


Hi there angels! It's been far too long! I've missed blogging so much but life sometimes gets in the way and mine has been crazy busy as of late. I hope you guys haven't jumped ship due to lack of updates, posts and giveaways! I'll do better, PROMISE!

First up, a HUGE congrats to Laura, author of UNTIMELY for the birth of her baby boy who is ADORABLE btw. Those cheeks!!! She and I were discussing her book via email while she was in the hospital awaiting his arrival. SUPER MOM already eh?

So...I initially read and reviewed UNTIMELY back in June of last year and needless to way, I didn't really hold back and gave it but 2 stars. You can read my original review HERE.

I was gifted an updated version as well as book 2 (I will be starting that one tonight!) and have revised my rating and review as follows...

2/17-Changing my original 2 star rating to 3.5 based on the changes the author(s) have made. In my initial review I had a HUGE problem with one of the leading men, Ruben and the relationship he had with the heroine. In the original version, he had no redeeming qualities whatsoever and the level of emotional and mental abuse he dished out completely eclipsed the story itself. I am happy to say that while the resident asshole is still, just that. I DID feel a wee bit of sympathy for him in some cases. That in itself is huge given in the previous version I simply wanted to set him on fire and be on my merry way.

I still have some issues about Heather's age, so young for such a storyline and the fashion sense at times, the vest tops for example, leave me scratching my head. I was lucky enough to be gifted book 2 of this intriguing paranormal romance and can't wait to dive in. Here's to hoping Beth (secondary female character) dies. Yes...I need her dead.;-)

BOTH books in the UNTIMELY ROMANCE SERIES are currently on sale for .99 at AMAZON.