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Monday, November 25, 2013


My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

"How many Eddie's you got in this town?"

***Please note, book was gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review***

How many indeed? I'm not new to Ms. Darling's work or the darkness her characters can, and often, posses. If you're a regular here at PRUFreads, you'll know her name from her OF WAR series that I have reviewed and therefor know that I am indeed a fan. This is, however, the first I've read from her that isn't of the paranormal flavor. This will a difficult review for me so please bear with me.

First, let me say this really isn't the book for me. In some ways, I'm still discovering my darker side when it comes to book preferences. I can't say that I simply love dark reads in general, nor can I pinpoint just yet what works for me and what doesn't. As the title announces, this is a book about a deep rooted, disturbing and often shocking obsession. Helen leads a simple life in a podunk town the rest of the world has forgotten. She has a simple cottage out in the middle of nowhere, just her and feline friend Harry, or so she thinks...

THE PROS-The cover- It isn't flashy, it's very simple yet reflects the book very well.

                     Kevin-I like the fact that he isn't a strapping twenty something yet pulls off that hot
                                hero persona with ease. He's strong and protective yet nurturing and sensitive to
                                her needs.

                     Rafe-  As Helen's youngest son, his introduction added a new element and
                                understanding to both the story and to Helen herself that went a long way in
                                helping me warm up to her character.

                     The obsession-the connection between the stalker and Helen was one of which I didn't
                                              really see coming and made me outwardly cringe. It was hard to read
                                              but even so, it was clever.

                     Details-I thought I was going to lose my lunch more than once as I read page after page.
                                  Getting to know our resident psycho isn't easy and while Ms. Darling has never
                                  been one to shy away, she not only takes you there but pushes that much further
                                  where some authors would go with a safer, fade to black type of wrap up. She
                                  makes sure you know him and every single dark place in his incredibly
                                  disturbed mind.

THE CONS-POV hopping. Obsession is told from different angles and jumped around too abruptly
                      at times. When I have to stop and rethink who it is taking note of this or that, it disrupts
                      the pacing  There was also tense shifts(past to present and back again) in the narration.

                     Terms-Some of the dialogue just did not work for me and at times took a would be very
                                 serious crucial scene and made it cartoonish. At one point she actually asked 'Are
                                 you nukin' futz?' Not to mention the "Yeah, let's get that flyin' monkey." that
                                 followed after a yellow brick road reference. She is 50 plus years old, it just
                                 seemed odd and out of place.

                      Repetitive-It was established early on that Helen is more on the mature side who has
                                        arthritic issues with her knees and her auburn hair is graying. That isn't
                                        something I felt I needed to be reminded of at every turn. I felt the term
                                        "graying" was overused. The reader was reminded of her age more often
                                        than was needed.

                       Pacing/Length-Some scenes seemed to drag on for longer than needed and I felt
                                                myself skimming, which I really hate to do. For me, I think the overall
                                                length of the book could have been shortened without taking away from
                                                the story.

Another thanks to Ms. Darling for providing me with a copy of Obsession and for also reminding me to lock every single door and window in my house!

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