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Thursday, November 21, 2013


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"Please, take my strength, take my love, take my mark upon you and never doubt that you are mine. That I am yours."


***Please note book was gifted by author in exchange for an honest review***

Immortal Bound picks up where Immortal Dreams left off and wow does Amele have her hands full! The Warrior Queen was an easy stand out in book one and in this installment, she truly meets her match. Amele is a strong, independent and prideful woman and even though she's long had eyes for the Elemental God Nikolai, she won't come easy.

Nikolai has always felt something was missing, though having any and every woman he so chooses at his beck and call isn't one of them. A deal is a deal but damn if he didn't want her to enjoy it! The attraction is palpable, a battle of wills and so it goes...

Immortal Bound is definitely my favorite of the of the series thus far. It felt more solid in both character development and flow of the story. In some books, the reader is simply handed the couple and expected to get it, to love them. Ms. Sage did a great job of selling her couple to me. While it wasn't so much of a slow burn, I never found myself wondering what he saw in her or vice versa. The surprising pairing made sense and maintained great chemistry throughout without being fully dependent on  strong sexual aspect of said chemistry.

Nikolai and Amele's journey was a bumpy one and let's just remind ourselves for a moment that there's nothing like a woman scorned. That brings me to their supporting cast. I love grey characters and Nikolai's siblings struck an interest in me, here's hoping there is much more of them to come. Also, someone very close and loyal to Amele comes into her own a bit and I suspect she will have a large role in book three. I love the feel of this series where the otherwise feared races, the unknowns, are more than their clinical definitions and find themselves drawn to those that such a pairing is unheard of and in most cases unacceptable. This paves the way for suspense, danger and forbidden romance...WINx3!

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