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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


In celebration of the release of SOUL RESURRECTED (SONS OF WRATH #2) by Keri Lake, I would like to introduce you the (MY) boys. *wink*

Meet The Brothers …



 As the eldest and leader of the brood, Gavin is a no-nonsense brother who gets shit done.  His loyalties run deep and so does his blade if anyone tries to mess with those he cares about.  His intelligence, alluring charm and confidence make him a favorite among the ladies.  With his Savidon fast approaching, this most eligible bachelor is looking for his mate and won’t settle for just any female.  His drink of choice is absinthe and he enjoys reading, particularly about the Greek gods.



 Fierce and unpredictable, this dark soul comes equipped with a disturbing past that earned him fifty years in the most feared prison of the underworld.  Logan enjoys a hunt and his kills are said to be an art.  He keeps to himself, mostly, preferring the blood and gore of a fight over the pleasures of a female.  Though women are drawn to his dangerous nature, they’re quick to discover the many reasons they should stay away from this damaged brother.  He’s a bike enthusiast, has an impressive collection of daggers and spends most of his time working out in the Wreck Room at the demon manor. 



 Unlike his brooding twin, Zeke is a sexually charged party animal who loves women.  Two, three, four is never a crowd for this kinky brother.  Women adore his fun and crazy personality, but be sure not to piss him off.  Though he sports an easy-going, laid-back personality with his brothers, he’s not one to cross.  Big and strong, with a brand of pain that can rip a poor bastard’s soul to shreds, Zeke is as dangerous as any one of his brothers and just as loyal.  He’s an avid snowboarder and loves pulling pranks.  An expert in womanizing, he has no intentions to settle down any time soon.  He’s the only one of his brothers who listens to rap and R&B.



 Having lost his mate, Zayne is the darkest soul of all.  Covered in ink and metal, he’s described as a cross between goth and jock.  A complete opposite to his twin brother, Zeke, Zayne prefers to be alone and has been known to dabble in drugs as a means of escaping the pain of his loss.  His drug of choice is the hard-hitting demon hallucinogen, Abyzz.  When he’s not working out, he can be found playing guitar.



 Being half incubus makes scoring with the ladies an effortless past time for Calix.  With his cerulean eyes and a smile that can make a beating heart skip like broken record, his powers of seduction are the strongest of all the brothers.  In fact, it only takes a single glance from this brother to leave a female entranced, falling victim to his every fantasy.  Calix is the more sensitive of the brood, but don’t be fooled.  He’s as fierce and violent as any of them, if his killswitch is set off.  He has a swoon-worthy voice and mad skills in the bedroom.


Maddox a.k.a. Mad Dog

 His cocky swagger throws off a gangster vibe and just like a mafioso, Maddox is loyal to the bone—would kill for any one of his brothers.  He often speaks Italian, thanks to his mother, who was a very powerful and beautiful strega. At six foot three, he’s the shortest of the brothers, but a slick and dangerous killer, very skilled with a blade.  With his calm and calculated approach, he is Gavin’s second-in-command.  Females are easily attracted to his flirtatious personality and charm.  He’s also a bit of a card shark, enjoys gambling, and on occasion smokes figaszas, a type of cigar found in the demon realm. 



 Short for Inferno, referring to his deadly brand of pain, hellfire, Ferno is best appreciated from a distance.  His scars warn of the damage festering deep below the surface.  Responsible for the accidental death of his brother’s mate, Ferno has made every attempt to punish himself for the pain he’s inflicted.  In spite of his disfiguring efforts at suicide, a punishable crime in the underworld, Ferno still carries the handsome features that come with being a son of the demon prince.  His broken and unreachable heart makes him difficult to love.  Once a mercenary, he employs a brutal and savage means of carrying out vengeance. 

 Some lives just weren’t worth the trouble of saving …
The dark room swallowed Logan, as he lay sprawled on his bed—just as he’d been left after ditching his date with death. A stomach-turning sensation of thickened skin and tingles swathed his body, closing in on him, phantom sensations crawling over his flesh that kept him awake. Every five minutes or so, he willed an arm or a leg to move. No go.

Shadows danced across the wall on the occasions that one of the Catatones guarding the mansion passed through the floodlight below his window. He focused on them only because his neck had been propped in that direction and he had no choice. Good thing, though. She had been assigned to watch over him and slept somewhere beyond his periphery, the reminder heating his blood every time her sleepy moan drifted across the room.

The fury could’ve split him right down the middle.

Her blood ran through him—pumping in his veins, feeding his heart, keeping him alive.


The woman who’d gotten him stabbed with Demortis, the only element capable of taking down a demon, now swam through his body as the only element capable of saving him. Her blood. Pure. Probably the closest he’d ever come to being righteous.

The irony was enough to leave him scratching his own eyeballs out of his head—that is, if he could reach the damn things. Like a bitch slap from the gods, who probably sat around drinking beers over the shit, poking fun at him.

The side effect of returning from the dead?

Feeling like the fucking dead.

Logan tightened his lip, wishing he could kick his own ass for being so stupid. Not like he’d had to save her or anything. Hell, being a demon meant being the exception to human rules.

And being a son of Wrath meant never having to play by any species’ rules.

Yet for some reason, one lodged so deep inside his brain he couldn’t even begin to explain, he’d felt the need to intervene. Not so much for her sake, but because the little prick trying to rape her had taken a jab at the psychopath buried in Logan’s bones. Taunted him.

Then finally tripped his kill-switch.

Yeah, that’s what Logan told himself, anyway, because no other excuse could possibly justify why he couldn’t stir a single muscle in his body for anything having to do with her—Calla. The girl they’d picked up at some underground party, so high on Shine she’d have probably let every one of the brothers have a go at her if they’d been the ravaging bastardly types.

Lucky for her they weren’t.
“Should’ve walked away,” he muttered, his voice the only part of his body he could control. 

A zing of pain shot through Logan’s feet, flexing them into an unnatural, paralyzed position. “Ah, shit!” Hadn’t his feet been numb just seconds ago?

Not even forcing his muscles to relax shook the sting away, one like a strike to the level of his bones, as if they shattered with impact.

He held his breath and clenched his teeth while the pain crept up his leg. “Motherfucker!” He spoke past gritted teeth, keeping his voice low to keep from rousing his babysitter, but damn, his back arched like one of those tetanus-infected bastards, his eyes squinting so hard they could’ve popped backward into his brain.

Black smoke curled behind his lids, and a deep laughter mocked him as the agony reached his spine. Trembling in the bed, Logan clamped his mouth shut and allowed the convulsions to run through him.
In silence.

He’d known pain—gut-turning, put-me-out-of-my-fucking-misery pain. Nothing compared to what wracked him at that moment, as if nightmares could invade the body and inflict injury. The burn, like molten lava oozing in his veins, seeped into his every cell, searing him from the inside. Sweat trickled down his temple at the same time as a chill burst deep inside his bones and swept through his limbs, leaving behind a wake of nausea.

That black smoke carried the familiar sensation he’d felt once or twice in his life—from the quick witted son of a bitch that brought the toughest demon males to their knees: absolute death. Stygius. The place in the underworld from where no soul ever returned.

With shallow panting breaths, he allowed the blackness worming its way into his mind to take over as something dark and wicked laid claim.

All Logan could do was let it take him.




Throughout the tour, participating blogs will be posting a question for readers to hunt down on Keri Lake’s website.  Questions can be found throughout the site:  book pages, snippets, blog posts and glossary.  Most questions will be related to the Sons of Wrath series.  A few bloggers will have added bonus questions taken directly from Soul Avenged. 
You can visit Keri Lake’s Scavenger Hunt page by clicking on the button.  Record your answers on the Answer Sheet.  At the end of the tour, you’ll be able to submit your responses via Google Doc right on the Scavenger Hunt page.  The individual with the MOST correct responses will win a MYSTERY PRIZE, valued at $125.
Here is the question assigned to this blog:

What is the element from the underworld capable of killing a demon?


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  1. oh i really enjoy having a small description of each brother it help since in book 1 some of them were not cited as much as others, really a great bonus and now i can jump back in the series! ( in book1 since getting book2 wiolll be probably again all an adventure but patience is a good tool^^)



    1. Agreed! As soon as Keri asked what I wanted to do for my blog stop, I immediately answered "MEET THE BOTHERS!" :-P

  2. Thank you so much for hosting a tour stop, Texxie! ❤❤

  3. I want to read Soul Resurrected because I love reading about tortured heroes and I adore the boys.
    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

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