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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


**This book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review**

4 out of 5 stars

This was a wonderful great read! I wouldn't call this a short read, nor a long one. I read it in one sitting, cuddled up next to the boyfriend as he watched football, in about 6 hours. I laughed, and gasped at the twist and turns throughout this book. The one liners! I was a giggle monster, the bf and his buddy were looking at me like I was crazy!

"Let me tell you something. The living don't know jack about the dead."

Callie Taylor, she was tortured and murdered and she has no idea why she's stuck in Abramsville, Alabama instead of her hometown of Dallas, Texas. She can't talk anyone, no one can see her and she's stuck in this small town. Literally, if she tries to cross over the county line she POPS right to the town center. She finds herself almost "befriending" the towns folk. She "haunts" one house on one day and another another day. Mostly watching TV.

Something terrible happens to one of the families she enjoys being around the most, and she is now on a mission to find someone to help her prove the innocence of an innocent man. Enter Ashara who initially wants nothing to do with Callie or her mission. Ashara's "Maw Maw" or Mrs Adelaid, on the other hand has other things in mind. Later we welcome Stephen with open arms. And this begins their journey.

Between Ashara and Maw Maw's one liners....Maw Maw was definitely a favorite. She held nothing back and just said what was on her mind and her mind worked a lot quicker than her looks would lead you to believe. And believe me, Maw Maw let Ahsara know how much she approved of Ashara's "white boy" haha!

This was a great read, fun and something I'd never really read before and would definitely recommend to friends.

Callie to Maw Maw "Nope, I'm stuck to you, so I'm just sitting here waiting for you to die so you can drag my bony white ass up to heaven."

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