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Monday, August 12, 2013


Cause you are my invisible strings

You’re the ties that bind me whole

You’re all that keeps me together

You’re the dark matter of my soul

It’s been six long months since Gabriel left and Noelle’s nightmares are swallowing her whole.

In a last ditch attempt to save her sanity, Jax takes her to Cal Henway, the infamous and enigmatic Master of Kink, to see if he can slay her demons. He, in turn, entrusts her care to Master Blue – Dom, loveable rogue and practical joker.

Blue knows the only way to silence her demons is to sate them, but will his journey through the darkest parts of her desires save her, or break her beyond all repair?

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He gestured for her to come over and positioned her in front of the mirror. “What do you see?” He asked, coming behind her to study her reflection.
“I see us.” She frowned, not understanding.
“I see a broken woman, Noelle. Look at you – you’re beautiful.” He lifted up the mass of her auburn hair. “This colour is gorgeous. I know women that pay a fortune to get hair like this at a salon and it never captures its true beauty.” Large hands moved in front of her face to frame her eyes. “You have exquisite eyes. They’re so piercing and haunted. They were the first thing I noticed about you when I walked into the study. They could knock a man dead at two hundred paces. You have spectacular breasts.” He framed them between his arms. “They’re lush and full and the perfect size.” His hands fell away. “I’m not going to list all your wonderful features, because the truth is that you don’t see them. You’re broken inside. There’s something in your soul that’s been smothered.” She met his eyes in the mirror and he smiled. “Luckily, healing souls is my speciality. So today we’re going to do something of a baptism. I’m going to leave you standing here while I go run us a bath. While I’m gone, I want you to study yourself. I want you to examine every flaw and every imperfection, every tiny little thing you hate about yourself. When I come back, you are going to walk away from this mirror and leave it all behind. You’re changing, Noelle. Gabriel started your metamorphosis, but I’m going to make you a butterfly. Your old life is over. Here and now is where a new life begins.”
He walked away, leaving her staring at the mirror in confusion. It didn’t work like that. You couldn’t just catalogue your flaws and then walk away from them. If she thought her hips were fat now, they weren’t going to be any skinnier when she walked away from the mirror. What was he expecting of her? Her eyes travelled over her small frame and tears pricked at them. How had Gabriel seen her? Had he seen all her flaws or had he just picked out the nice bits like Blue had? What did it even matter? He was dead and it still hurt to breathe. She was the bitch that had driven him to his suicide and there was no amount of prettifying that could change that.
Cal’s words came back to her...that Gabriel had chosen her deliberately because she was naive. She thought of her epiphany...that his actions had been so calculated to force her to submit without using her safe word. She still couldn’t feel any anger towards him for what he had done while he was alive, but perhaps Master Henway was right. Was she judging herself too harshly? Did she have double standards? No...she had nothing in her life that forced her to be a victim to Gabriel. She had gone into it with her eyes wide open and just allowed him to own her absolutely. That was the difference between them – he’d had no choice in what was done to him. She had.
About the author:
Ivory Quinn is an author of indeterminate youth, living in a land where the sun rarely shines but the mist makes everything magical. She likes men and books, but doesn't think either makes a great sandwich filling. Unmarried and living with other creative types, she has a healthy relationship with her bed. She wishes that writing was her day job, but sadly has a large percentage of non-writing time, made bearable only by classic rock and lots of caffeinated things. Her favourite things are fan mail, cake and men in kilts. She does not see these things as mutually exclusive.

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