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Thursday, August 15, 2013


My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

"You're like Mr. Romance and Mr. Porn Star wrapped in one."


Yes, yes he is.

"No one has ever loved me before. Not really. Not for who I am. Maybe for what I could give them, but not for me."


Say it with me, AWWWW!!!!

M'k, now that that's out of the way, I have some issues here. I love me some Sinners, and when I say love, I mean LOVE. That being said, I'm still bitter that this series was released out of order. I haven't read Double Time yet, thankfully, but a lot of fans have, not realizing that this book was actually to come first. That ruined things for a lot of fans. So unfortunate. Two, this is Eric's book so while I LOVE the cover, I wish it would have been more "drummer friendly", if that makes sense. Granted, his sticks are on display but...I just wish it had been a bit more. Three, don't care for Reb. I mentioned in another review that she turned me off with her "need to be seen" and constant drooling over Trey. I mean sure, when it comes to Trey, what's not to drool over BUT...Trey deserved a heroine all his own and Wicked Beat didn't give him that. She wasn't given layers, character wise. She just came off as desperate whore more times than not. Did I warm up to her in the end? Sure but first impressions and all...

Now to the good parts, Eric. If I didn't just adore him before...All the Sinners have an "issue" and I have to say that his surprised me a bit. Not that it isn't common or anything but to give a hot rocker a sexual "issue" such as that is rare and was handled nicely. Eric is too cute for words and his inner monologue often entertained me more than what was being said between he and Reb. It was adorable, witty and dirty all laced with a boyish charm that only Eric could pull off. Trey, what can I say about Trey? He's my favorite Sinner and Wicked Beat only proved that even further. How protective and big brother'ish he was with Eric was sweet. Well as sweet as Trey can be with his naughty sexual antics! I can't say I agree with ALL of his actions but his heart was in the right place.

One thing that has remained throughout this entire series is the brotherhood of these band mates. Ms. Cunning does such an amazing job with those boys that half of the time, their romantic relationships become secondary for me. I just want to read more about their touring, recording and the crazy stunts they pull on one another in between. I'm sad that after I read Double Time, that will be the last of the Sinners. I also read her One Night With Sole Regret series but the books are much shorter and can't quite hold a candle to this series. I am especially curious as to what she will bring with her next series featuring Dare Mills and his band Exodus End!

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