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Monday, August 5, 2013


My rating: 4.5  out of 5 stars

***Please note, gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review***

"If this thing that I feel when I touch is not because you are a Keeper, then it's because you are Mine. And there is no world that I canna find you if you are that lass. Do you understand me?"


First up, a huge thanks to author Jennifer Sage for sharing her Guardians with me. Not that I'm giving them back or anything but still...

I wasn't quite sure how this book was going to play out for me. I struggled in the beginning and you guys know I'm a kindle'er lol and speak in percentage. That being said, it wasn't until I hit the 25% mark that the book not only grabbed me but also held me all the way to the end. I like the cover but I don't love it, plus there are some editing issues as well. The thing is, once I got over that first hurdle, it was full speed ahead and I simply could not read fast enough. I love our hero Keltor and the world around him. He is part of an elite group of Guardians that protect humans, angels, yet not. He has suffered great loss that changed him as a man but, and forgive me for the lack of a better term but he doesn't whine about it. I love drama and a broken hero as much as the next girl but sometimes, authors milk it to the point where I stop caring. That was not the case here, so nice balance on that front.

My "meh" character I would have to say is our heroine Liz. I didn't hate her but I didn't connect with her so she slowed down the first part of the book for me. It was another female character, Iliyana that totally stole the spotlight when she arrived to train Liz. Iliyana is both a hardcore warrior, yet soft and quirky but not so quirky that she's painted as a cartoon. Again, great balance because I've read so many books that the author tries too hard with their heroines and they become laughable and annoying. Iliyana is a fascinating character and if she doesn't fall for fellow Guardian Dante, I just may flip my shit. ;-)

Back to Keltor and Liz. Let's talk chemistry. I didn't feel it with them at all, until story time that is. That scene was beautiful and brilliant and stunning and yeah, I could go on. At that point, I was completely on board with the pairing. Even so, I don't believe they will be my favorite couple in this series. Ms. Sage did a fantastic job laying the groundwork for what looks to be future couples that even as this point I'm already invested. The loved, LOVED the supporting cast. The good, evil and everything in between. I'm usually not a fan of child characters in this type of book, especially ones that aren't born to the main characters but little Miss Kate, loved her. Kate is just shy of 7 years old and plays a pivotal role in this book. It isn't easy for authors to write as a child, talk and behave as a child but again, Ms. Sage did a great job with her character and I found Kate to be quite delightful. She too is a character that I hope to read more about as this series continues.

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