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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

***Please note, book was gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review***

"You and me...we will make it work. You will not run when it starts getting hard or when I demand more than you've ever given any man."

~Knox Gunner

Shifters and Rockers and Doms...OH MY!!! On paper, this should have been my book of the year, while I didn't hate it, I can't quite say I loved it either. I was torn throughout and even still as type this review. The beginning, chapter one...brilliant. I thought to myself, hell. yes. Chapter two...not quite as good but I'm all in when comes to rockers, and heartbreak, up and coming or otherwise. Chapter three came around and I felt I hit a wall.

Knox carried the book for me, even when he was an asshole, he was still worth reading. He's a complex character who manages the "sexy alpha" without making me hate him lol . Don't get me wrong, I mumbled "bastard" a couple of times. Storm/Stormy, she is a different story altogether. I didn't care for her, couldn't quite connect to her. She seemed stuck in a ghetto version of the 90's, her slang was annoying at best. She came off as uneducated and I don't care for that type of character unless it's part of the plot and in this case I think it was just to make her "bad ass".

Like I said, I was hooked immediately in chapter one which took place centuries prior and then I enjoyed reading some back story in regards to her relationship with Knox while in college. Chapter three brought me to the present and I started to get bored. There is a scene between Storm and her cousin Light (yeah, that's actually her name) that seemed to go on for days and don't get me started on the conversation the two women had with their mothers that were off on some kink convention or something...The family business is to provide escorts for "The Others" (shifters, vamps, you get the point) but the Credence women themselves refuse to get attached for fear of the family curse that leaves their great loves dead. Something isn't right and everyone isn't exactly who they seem so the reader is treated to some twists, action and intrigue.

I'm on the fence as to whether or not I will continue with this series. I went back and forth throughout. I would be fangirling one minute and rolling my eyes the next. Some of the dialogue and scenes between Stormy and Knox was beautiful and raw. She wasn't always so childish and their chemistry was palpable. Overall I liked Breaking the Storm but I think it could have been more, and I couldn't get over some of the repetitiveness, she's a size 9, I get it. That being said, the girl on the cover...ANYWHO...character names. I am all for the edgy, unique names to go with the characters that bring these fantasy worlds to life but sometimes, it's too much. Light? no. Her best friend, a vamp hybrid is named Reason? I had to read it a couple of times, asking myself why the hell was the word reason being capitalized. Then there's some of the "crew", Rip, Jackal and Soar. No, no and no.

Even now, yes? no? Gah....torn!

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