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Sunday, July 14, 2013


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"Just feel me, Dawn. Feel my rhythm. Our rhythm. Do you hear it?"

~ Kellan

Seriously swooned from beginning to end. Can I just say, yet again, that I'm THRILLED that Ms. Cunning has relocated to Galveston, Tx. Having the boys of Sole Regret prancing all over my state is just GRAVY! Kelly, give me 45 minutes and I am THERE!

Okay, focus. Kellan still suffers greatly from a heart breaking loss that haunts him on a daily basis. His best friend and fellow band mate is against Kellan visiting Galveston Island, more specifically a beach house that Kellan owns but can't bring himself to step foot in. As he's standing on the beach, amidst what is building to be a powerful storm, Kellan attempts to let go of his past only to have it brought right back to him, literally. He broke my heart while he stood on the shore reflecting. Damn these broken rockers.

When the storm threatened further Kellan began to rethink his trip, he needed to take shelter but the thought of walking into that house was crippling. The sweet tinkling sound of piano keys carried over the sounds of the pending storm and drew his attention to the house next door, and so it began. The woman at the keys was exactly what Kellan needed to break free of all that binds him.

Like I said, swooned the entire time. While Kellan's story is a sad one, Tie Me is a beautiful, albeit smokin' story about self forgiveness and second chances. My face literally hurt when I was done reading it, I was wearing that perma-smile as though I had a clothes hanger stuck in my mouth.

As always, I wanted more. Granted, the theme with this series is "one night" with each band member but come on! That's pure torture. You can't present me with these Texas rockers and then snatch them out from under me (get your minds out of the gutter) just like that! Still, I aint mad at ya Ms. Cunning. Tie Me was beautifully written. Dawn and Kellan's chemistry was palpable and the heart to heart between Kellan and Owen....again, I'm swooning.

Dawn noted...

She wanted to prop her chin up on her hand and stare at him dreamily.

Me too Dawn, me too.

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