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Thursday, July 25, 2013


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"I want you to forget all your other clients, every other man in your life, and think of only me. You're mine, and at this moment I want to be in you more than I've ever wanted anything in my entire life. Do you want me?"


O.O take a number sister...

So Price of Pleasure is yet another surprise goodie that has been hanging out on my kindle for far too long. I'm not a sci-fi kind of girl but I gave it a go and I am sooooo glad that I did. It wasn't perfect, there some editing issues and maybe because it's just not my "world", I did get lost a bit in the world building, the who and the where and the how etc. So the "mission" part of the story was more secondary for me. It was the romance and this band of soldiers, warriors, yes yes I loved them all! No one was purple or had the ability to sprout tales or anything so I was good to go.

Seth, commander of this specific group is bitchy and cranky oh and never fully sexually satisfied. It's kind of a burden he and his kind must deal with in regards to women that are of another race or species. That doesn't keep them from trying though and try they do! All. The. Time. A quick romp with designated "pleasure workers" usually does the trick, for awhile at least but it was a frantic, primal experience with a mere slave girl named Calla that he can't get out of his mind.

Calla wasn't exactly "born", more like manufactured along with Jesse who she sees as her brother. They're both slaves to a greedy and abusive mistress who don't even view them as people, they're below regular, standard society. Even though Calla was just as drawn to Seth as he was her, if her owner ever found out, she would be killed. In a turn of events, Jesse is sent away which leaves Calla in a state of panic and in desperate need to escape and find him herself. Calla has a friend who is employed as a pleasure worker and the two hatch a plot to help Calla escape and this is when things got REALLY interesting.

Off the charts chemistry and just the right amount of  conflict between the main characters. Oh oh!! Their game of who is the strongest willed....swoon, drool, swoon some more. There is a lot of sex, but it fit so well in the story that it simply worked and it was also used to "turn the tides" in some cases. There was one scene in particular where he wanted her pride hurt as his was and so he used a sex act to lash out.

Calla is a strong heroine and didn't develop a strong case of "stupid" once she caught the guys eye. Seth is a delicious lead male, a perfect blend of strength, alpha without being a total ass, vulnerability and just all around swoon worthy. I look forward to continuing this series!

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