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Thursday, July 18, 2013


My rating:4 out of 5 stars

"I come from a time when women were chattel to be traded away for economic or social gain. But even I am not so backward that I continue to discount the integrity of women, not to mention their courage and intelligence. Lucas has told me you have issues with females. That is your history, your prerogative, your foolish prejudice. But when you let that prejudice interfere with serious affairs, with matters of life and death, that is ignorance and stupidity. My mate is worth a thousand of you. If she were a vampire, you would be calling her Lord of the South. Remember that before you think to insult her again, or the next time I'll go ahead and let her kill you."


Yep, that right there is why Raphael both on his own and with Cyn continues to be one of my most absolute favorite characters in the genre! He is the epitome of "ALPHA MALE" but never, ever is he reduced to a simple asshole. I can only speak for myself but there is a HUGE difference for me, it can easily be a make or break and yeah, Raphael makes it, each and every time!

Fans of the Vampires In America series will love, LOVE this installment. Raphael and Cyn together continue with their perfection. Ms. Reynolds packed quite the steamy punch in this one, given it's a novella. I mean chapter one alone...WOW. We are also reunited with Lucas who is also one of my person favorites in the series. I love his relationship with Raphael and his quirky personality. He has some tense moments in this one to remind the reader that he too is just as lethal.

The competition for who will be the new Lord of the West is underway and newcomer Aden thinks he's the man for the job, it pains, PAINS ME to think that we have to wait until late this year for his book but something tells me it will be worth it!!!

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