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Monday, July 22, 2013

Ins and outs for the week of 7/22

So I decided to do some spring cleaning of sorts where my kindle white is concerned. It isn't all that old really but I'm over 50 pages deep! I am absolutely one of those who has grabby hands for the freebies. Said freebie will hang out on my kindle FOREVER. So as not to get overwhelmed, I just stared at the very last page and started working my way backwards. Best. decision. ever. So far I've read three previous "freebies" and have been treated to a clever art thief, a king turned dragon and some alien kind that while not usually my thing, has me hooked! Reviews to come on both!

A couple of  sweet readers emailed me the other day asking how my own writing is coming along. For those who may have missed it, I am trying my hand and writing my own paranormal romance/urban fantasy novella. I hope to have it ready by the beginning of next year. That being said, OMG!!! I've always admired and respected authors and not just for their finished product but the steel pair of balls they must possess to be able to put their "baby" out there but now that I myself have dove in...I am in awe. With so much drama right now, authors behaving badly, reviewers behaving badly, fan girls behaving badly...yikes! I'm taking notes and hope it helps me to avoid, avoid and avoid some more! Things are moving along but I have sooooo much left to go. Do I have a title? Nope. Cover idea? Meh. I do have my outline and as far as the finishing line goes, I'm about a quarter of the way there so fingers crossed!!
I'm excited about some ARC reviews and Cover Release events coming in the next few days and weeks. Plus there will be more giveaways and I'm still trying to decide how to celebrate my birthday on Aug. 8th. My bday but you guys will get the goods! Works out pretty great huh? As always, any ideas, comments or suggestions, feel free to email me at

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