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Friday, July 12, 2013


My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

***Please note, book was gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review***

"Just knowing you, being able to reach out and touch your hair if I want, is so amazing to me. I've waited so long for you that I feel that if we rush things, you'll just evaporate like smoke through my fingers."


 Heart of the Vampire picks up right where Call of the Vampire left off. Aurora still carries a broken heart but she is trying to move on. After being pursued by her school's football star, she reluctantly agrees to a date. Fred is, well let's just say Fred has some growing up to and came off as a real ass in the beginning of the book. I have to say, he kind of grew on me though, after he had a man to man talk with his dad that is.

Even though Aurora continues to feel that longing for Jessie, she assumes her time amongst the vampires is over. Little does she know, she is being watched by those who want to take the life of the little human girl who is directly responsible for the death of one of their own. Since he's been away, Jessie has tried to take full responsibility for what happened with Viktor Adami but the Bishops, those who uphold vampire law, won't hear of it and demand to see Aurora in person, in Budapest. Jessie has a plan but if it fails, it could mean immediate death for Aurora and he himself would be buried alive for a hundred years.

Heart of the Vampire is a mature YA so while I was ready to pull my hair out at times in regards to the romantic side of the book, it's also one of the reasons I really enjoyed it. This pairing doesn't spend the entire book waxing poetic about young love and then shake hands at the end of the night. They're on edge, and poor Aurora especially, has to keep those hormones in check a time or two. lol  The book started off a bit slow for me but the second the flight plans were made, it kicked in and kept me interested and intrigued all the way to the end. I can't say that at times, it felt a tad bit immature, such as the Skype comment when Aurora was trying to get out of facing the Bishops but seeing that it was only once or twice, the wit, twists and the brass pair that's being hauled around by our lead heroine, pulled it all together. I especially loved the time spent in Budapest, the other vampire families, and how Aurora never lost sight of who she was and didn't just cower down simply because she was surrounded by a bunch of pissed off vampires. This trilogy will come to an end this winter and I can't wait to see what road takes Aurora and Jessie to what will hopefully be their happily ever after.

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