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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

**Please note, book was gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review**

"We're all broken, Claudia, but none of us are beyond fixing. Let me love you."


Hells bells, where is Dr. Phil when you need him? A Shadow of Light is the fourth installment of the A Shade of Vampire series by Bella Forrest and it most certainly sheds some light on some things, mainly the high level of parental dysfunction surrounding both Sophia and Derek. How neither of them grew up to be crazed serial killers is beyond me. Hmm, that Derek though has quite the temper. ;-)

Derek, Sophia and their struggle to be together is still the main focus of this series and the pair are still able to carry it nicely. That being said, they had to make room in the spotlight for characters that up until now have a bit more secondary. First up, Claudia or as I've always referred to her "that bitch", is quite the standout. The reader gets a much better understanding of what both drives and haunts her. I don't know that I can ever quite get on board with her after what she put my Ben through but she is well on her way. I really liked the building "redemption" of this character via some self reflection, her past with Yuri and seeing that she doesn't want to be like Ingrid aka Camilla, aka Sophia's mother, aka BAT.SHIT.CRAZY. I mean honestly, it's been awhile since I've hated a character as much as her. Aiden, Sophia's father isn't exactly my favorite person either but I'm holding out hope for him.

My other big standout was Gregor Novak. I can't really explain why he was such a standout for me since I don't like spoiling in my reviews. Let's just say I love a multilayered character who is neither completely "good" nor completely "evil" and I love the element of surprise such characters can bring to a storyline. His tricky dynamic with his children and his inner thoughts and struggles made for a great complex "love to hate", "hate to love" character.

I'm finding it increasingly more difficult to categorize this series. Paranormal romance is a given but it continues to walk a very fine line between YA and Adult. While the sex aspect has been dialed down a bit the "adult situations" have increased. Many of these characters pasts are disturbing and abusive and while Ms. Forrest doesn't go into grave details, she lays the foundation and creates the picture while managing to avoid the dreadful fade to black. I tend to have multiple personalities when it comes to my reading preferences but a strong sensual presence is damn near a given, a prerequisite if you will, and then there's this series. That isn't to say that our male lead Derek doesn't have sex appeal because he does. He's strong, lethal, and yet vulnerable at the same time but he isn't written to be "sex on a stick" so the fact that I'm still heavily invested in this series and it's characters is a testament in itself. Bring on book 5!

For more on author Bella Forrest and her A Shade of Vampire series visit her website HERE

Friday, July 26, 2013


release day eventLexia Release DaySynopsis

Lexia thought she was normal, ordinary…Lincoln thought he’d spend his whole life seeking revenge…Find out what happens when the one you love is your enemy…When Lexia sneaks out one night to go to a party, she hardly expects to be attacked by vampires. Much less be able to kill them with her bare hands.That night triggers events Lexia can't escape and soon she struggles to keep up the facade around her friends and family.And then there's Lincoln, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. But Lexia senses he wants something more dangerous than a simple romance.Lincoln has secrets and what she learns changes her life forever.A story of love, loss and betrayal. Only one thing is certain Lexia and Lincoln’s lives will never be the same again.

Meet the Author024 slide_view (23)Rachel was born and raised in N.E, England and then moved to New Zealand in 2008. She now lives in Queensland, Australia with her husband, two children and the family dog and horse. LEXIA is her debut novel, and she is currently working on the next book in The Deadwood Hunter series and also a YA Fantasy novel.

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The panther prowled the night drawn to something he didn’t understand; leaping from rooftop to rooftop, he heard a soft cry. Landing on the next roof he looked down to see a young woman being attacked by vampires, but just as he was about to drop down to save her, she let out a wild cry, throwing them off. He froze, transfixed, as she ripped them apart with her bare hands like a wild, crazed animal. Moving with cat-like grace, she spun around to face the last vampire and when he noticed her eyes, they were a pure crystal blue until brilliant golden streaks bled through them lighting up the dark night.That’s what you are, Little Wildcat, he thought, moving back into the shadows as her screams rang out into the night.
Chapter 1
Her feet pounded on the pavement as she raced down the dirty backstreets of Deadwood; the night had turned cool turning each heavy breath into a misty vapor.They’re so fast, she thought, why didn’t I stay in tonight? Just for some stupid party! Now I’m being chased by these... these... things. What are they?Lexia turned the corner, stumbling on the uneven curb, and gasped as she came to a dead end.She whirled around to see the three creatures circling her. Fear closed her throat; she tried to scream but nothing would come out. Her eyes widened in fright as they flashed their razor sharp teeth at her. Vampires?They had blood-red eyes and pale ghostly skin stretched tight over hard angular bones; they looked like the living dead! And they were going to kill her.Lexia backed into the wall, her hands grazing along the rough surface, wishing she could somehow melt into it. She felt so frightened and her body shook in terror as tears silently streamed down her face. I’m sorry, Dad, she thought as they all leapt at once; a whimper left her lips as she curled into a ball, their razor sharp nails slashing at her skin, gouging into her flesh. She cried out in pain, fear crushing her mind, blackness taking over, when...Lexia felt her mind go blank and the pain... it was torture as adrenaline rushed through her veins, charging her muscles with strength, taking over her body. With a cry she stood up throwing the vampires off her; it all happened so quickly, she tore them limb from limb like a crazed animal until there was nothing left but her quivering body soaked in blood. A metallic bitter smell filled her nostrils; she could hear her heavy breaths, and looking around all she saw was red, death, and darkness.Lexia stood for what felt like hours looking upon the scene before her; the torn bodies slowly rotted in front of her eyes, then panic bubbled to the surface as she finally got her voice back and she screamed, screamed so hard her throat burned. Tears ran down her blood-stained face as she realized what she’d done - she’d created this darkness, she’d caused their deaths.People running to her cries could be heard in the distance; snapping back to reality, Lexia looked around one last time, how do I explain this? I can’t. She ran into the night not paying attention to the direction she took or the fact that she could now run faster than she ever had before. Lexia just thought of putting one foot in front of the other, of the vibrations travelling up each foot as it pounded on the pavement.
Lexia woke early the next morning on the forest floor; her body felt stiff with the dried blood that coated her skin. As her brain slowly remembered the previous night she shot up on her feet, spinning around, bracing to attack.But she was alone, surrounded only by tall pine trees, their needles littered the floor and stuck to her clothes. Lexia glanced around herself one last time and then shot off through the trees to her home. ‘Dad’s going to freak if I don’t get home in time!’ As that thought drifted through her head, Lexia somehow found the energy to run faster. Five minutes later she stood at the edge of the trees that lined her garden. There were no signs of life in the old wooden house, so she ran to the trellis below her window climbing with an ease she’d never had before. She got back in her room and under the duvet as her dad poked his head around the door.“Time to get up Lex, sweetie.”Lexia’s dad, Mike, had raised her on his own since her mother, Lucy, had walked out when Lexia was 5 months old. Lexia had only one picture of her mother, it was taken when she had just been born; Lucy was looking down at her baby, her pale blond hair covering her face. Lexia didn’t know what she looked like but sometimes she would dream of a woman with blond hair singing to her.Lexia had asked her dad if her mother had sung to her as a child but he would never answer her questions about her mother; he always closed up and snapped at her as if the mere thought of Lucy caused him pain. Lexia had tried to come to terms with the fact that she would never know her mother and the reason she’d been left behind; but sometimes, no matter how hard Lexia tried, she would long to meet her mother.As her dad walked down the stairs, Lexia got up and looked at herself in the full-length mirror that hung on the back of the door.Her long boots were torn and the leather stained darker on the toes and ankles; her hands trailed over her shredded jeans. The back of her blouse was also in ribbons. She took it off looking at her torn skin and where it had already started to heal, some gashes were just faint, red lines. Stripping off the rest of her clothes, Lexia stood looking at herself in her underwear. Even with all the muck and blood that stained her skin, she couldn’t miss the subtle changes to her body. Her stomach was just that tiny bit tighter, the slightest hints of a six pack showing. In fact her whole body just seemed more refined; as she moved forward muscles shifted under her skin. Lexia looked closely at a slash across her cheek and gasped as it started to heal. She watched in horror as the flesh knitted back together, felt the tingling, stabbing sensation, and then prodded her finger against the red scar line as it disappeared.“What has happened to me?” she whispered against her fingers.She wanted to hide, to run, to cry, but then she noticed her eyes and how they had changed. No longer were they just a clear, crystal blue but blue with a fine rim of gold lining the pupil. She couldn’t hide from this; there was something wrong with her, the evidence staring back at her every time she looked in a mirror.Lexia started to back away from the mirror. She couldn’t seem to tear her eyes away from the person staring back at her. She could feel herself trembling and hear the galloping rhythm of her heart. So many emotions bombarded her as she decided whether to call for help or hide away from the world. She stumbled forward as the back of her legs hit the foot of her bed. “What am I?” she squeaked.“Lexia, everything alright?” her Dad called up the stairs.She didn’t answer at first. Am I okay?“Lex?”“Yeah... fine, Dad. Just tripped,” she called. Her eyes hardening, she could never tell a soul.Lexia dashed across the hall and locked herself in the bathroom. She stepped into the bath, turning on the shower and watched as the water turned red at her feet from the near-scalding cascade skimming over her body. She stared at the pale blue walls of the bathroom, the night before playing over and over in her head and she wondered whether she had gone mad, whether everything that had happened had just been a dream. Then she glanced down to the pink water pooled at her feet and realized she wasn’t mad. The blood washing off her body wasn’t make-believe and the cuts and scrapes that covered her skin had been made from the sharp nails of vampires, but the scariest thing of all - magically watching her skin heal. What am I? she thought again.
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Thursday, July 25, 2013


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"Take me in."


**Please note, book was gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review**

Whisper Cape, sleepy town no more! Reflections is book 2 in the Whisper Cape series by Susan Griscom and first, let me just say, Aiden...I don't trust you as far as I can throw you but how u doin'?nonetheless. ;-P

Gerry and Maia have their entire future ahead of them. Both are over the moon about her pregnancy but even the strongest of couples can be tested and they are indeed tested. While Maia may not have any powers of her own, she is all too familiar with that "world" and grows increasingly concerned over voices, visions and warnings in regards to her pregnancy. At the same time, there is a bit of a strain on Addie and Cael's relationship. Cael wants children one day while Addie has fears.

I really liked the fast pace of this book. Gerry has some old buddies come to town to provide live music at his bar. With that band comes trouble, slutty, deceitful, makes u want to punch her in the throat kind of trouble. I warmed up to Gerry this time around. I wasn't all that fond of him in book 1 but now I'm sold. He's bone headed and so totally completely clueless when it comes to women, almost to the point where he should be studied. lol That being said, when he finally "got it", it was a beautiful thing.

Reflections is packed with murder, mystery, love, passion and a healthy dose of "WHERE THE HELL DID HE GO?!" that had me ready to pull my hair out, come on book 3. ;-)


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"I want you to forget all your other clients, every other man in your life, and think of only me. You're mine, and at this moment I want to be in you more than I've ever wanted anything in my entire life. Do you want me?"


O.O take a number sister...

So Price of Pleasure is yet another surprise goodie that has been hanging out on my kindle for far too long. I'm not a sci-fi kind of girl but I gave it a go and I am sooooo glad that I did. It wasn't perfect, there some editing issues and maybe because it's just not my "world", I did get lost a bit in the world building, the who and the where and the how etc. So the "mission" part of the story was more secondary for me. It was the romance and this band of soldiers, warriors, yes yes I loved them all! No one was purple or had the ability to sprout tales or anything so I was good to go.

Seth, commander of this specific group is bitchy and cranky oh and never fully sexually satisfied. It's kind of a burden he and his kind must deal with in regards to women that are of another race or species. That doesn't keep them from trying though and try they do! All. The. Time. A quick romp with designated "pleasure workers" usually does the trick, for awhile at least but it was a frantic, primal experience with a mere slave girl named Calla that he can't get out of his mind.

Calla wasn't exactly "born", more like manufactured along with Jesse who she sees as her brother. They're both slaves to a greedy and abusive mistress who don't even view them as people, they're below regular, standard society. Even though Calla was just as drawn to Seth as he was her, if her owner ever found out, she would be killed. In a turn of events, Jesse is sent away which leaves Calla in a state of panic and in desperate need to escape and find him herself. Calla has a friend who is employed as a pleasure worker and the two hatch a plot to help Calla escape and this is when things got REALLY interesting.

Off the charts chemistry and just the right amount of  conflict between the main characters. Oh oh!! Their game of who is the strongest willed....swoon, drool, swoon some more. There is a lot of sex, but it fit so well in the story that it simply worked and it was also used to "turn the tides" in some cases. There was one scene in particular where he wanted her pride hurt as his was and so he used a sex act to lash out.

Calla is a strong heroine and didn't develop a strong case of "stupid" once she caught the guys eye. Seth is a delicious lead male, a perfect blend of strength, alpha without being a total ass, vulnerability and just all around swoon worthy. I look forward to continuing this series!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Breaking the Storm (Credence Curse)
By Sedona Venez

Stormy Credence was destined to succumb to the Credence family curse—they all did.

Stormy is put to the test one more time, when the one man that she never wanted to see again—‘Rock Star’ Knox Gunner comes blowing back into her life—back to claim what’s his—Stormy. This time he will stop at nothing to prove that she belongs to him in every sense of the word…

When Stormy meets sexy band front man Knox Gunner, there’s no denying him. Willing to take a chance on love, Stormy breaks the most important Credence rule, no relationships—ever—a mistake that results in heartbreaking devastation.

But can she keep her feelings from getting dangerously deep until his game of ‘Breaking the Storm’ is over?

New Adult/Adult Paranormal Romance:

**Mature Content Warning** 18+ for language, and adult situations. HEA ending.

Available August 6, 2013

About Sedona Venez:
Sedona Venez writes New Adult and Adult fiction novels inspired by her love of music, tattoos and sexy musicians. Sedona can be found online in all the usual haunts:  
Her Blog     Facebook     Twitter     Goodreads     Pinterest



My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

"I need you." ~Kei

He cuddled her close and snuggled into the blankets, like a child holding his favorite toy...

M' this one has been hanging out on my kindle white for who knows how long. While I do love shifter reads, dragon shifters aren't exactly at the top of my list but, since I'm full speed ahead on my operation "Clean out my kindle!" I figured, meh, I'll give a go. Can I just

This book isn't for everyone. When I say there is a lot of sex, I do mean A LOT and well, think about our characters here...sometimes man, sometimes not, blurring lines...yeah, that. And while that isn't my bag per say, it wasn't too much, it was handled in a way that didn't make me want to throw up in my mouth so YAY for that!

What drew me in was our male lead, our uber alpha, our cranky, stubborn manly man as he fought his demons (literally). Hailed as the ultimate dragon slayer, the tables are turned and Kei finds himself in the care of the village outcast of whom her neighbors have dubbed "dragon whore". He needs her help and she needs to study him and together, they make quite a pair. Rampant sex aside, the budding relationship, the bonding between these two characters was quite endearing and as man embraces his inner beast, things get complicated and for me, fascinating and yeah, I swooned a little (lot).

I'm always little miss grabby hands for the freebies but this cover is eye catching but...OK, here's the thing, I really liked Lorran, our female lead. I'm not one for books that go out of their way to tell you repeatedly that the woman is "curvy" or "softer" or "rounder" than most women that the typical male finds attractive. I mean, I could do a post on that alone but...I won't. ;-) Back to topic, Dragon's Kiss didn't shove it down my throat, not like some, but it is hinted to enough to where the girl on the cover, in my opinion, shouldn't be my size. The cover is gorgeous, the model is gorgeous, but I saw "Lorran" differently. OK, enough of that, off my soap box now.

Dragon's Kiss is the first of Shadow of the Dragon series and set up quite nicely for book 2. I look forward to seeing where it leads. Happy reading!

Monday, July 22, 2013


Available July 30th
Having endured weeks of torture in the bowels of hell, Kane wants nothing to do with his beautiful rescuer, Josephina Aisling. The half-Fae female threatens to awaken the demon of Disaster inside him—a beast he’s determined to kill, no matter the price.

Josephina is hunted by a brutal enemy—her royal family—and Kane is her only source of protection. He’s also the only male to ever set her aflame, and even he succumbs to the heat. But as they navigate the treacherous world of the Fae, will the love they are building tear them both apart?
For more visit Gena Showalters site HERE and to preorder via amazon, visit HERE. Happy reading!

Ins and outs for the week of 7/22

So I decided to do some spring cleaning of sorts where my kindle white is concerned. It isn't all that old really but I'm over 50 pages deep! I am absolutely one of those who has grabby hands for the freebies. Said freebie will hang out on my kindle FOREVER. So as not to get overwhelmed, I just stared at the very last page and started working my way backwards. Best. decision. ever. So far I've read three previous "freebies" and have been treated to a clever art thief, a king turned dragon and some alien kind that while not usually my thing, has me hooked! Reviews to come on both!

A couple of  sweet readers emailed me the other day asking how my own writing is coming along. For those who may have missed it, I am trying my hand and writing my own paranormal romance/urban fantasy novella. I hope to have it ready by the beginning of next year. That being said, OMG!!! I've always admired and respected authors and not just for their finished product but the steel pair of balls they must possess to be able to put their "baby" out there but now that I myself have dove in...I am in awe. With so much drama right now, authors behaving badly, reviewers behaving badly, fan girls behaving badly...yikes! I'm taking notes and hope it helps me to avoid, avoid and avoid some more! Things are moving along but I have sooooo much left to go. Do I have a title? Nope. Cover idea? Meh. I do have my outline and as far as the finishing line goes, I'm about a quarter of the way there so fingers crossed!!
I'm excited about some ARC reviews and Cover Release events coming in the next few days and weeks. Plus there will be more giveaways and I'm still trying to decide how to celebrate my birthday on Aug. 8th. My bday but you guys will get the goods! Works out pretty great huh? As always, any ideas, comments or suggestions, feel free to email me at

Thursday, July 18, 2013


My rating:4 out of 5 stars

"I come from a time when women were chattel to be traded away for economic or social gain. But even I am not so backward that I continue to discount the integrity of women, not to mention their courage and intelligence. Lucas has told me you have issues with females. That is your history, your prerogative, your foolish prejudice. But when you let that prejudice interfere with serious affairs, with matters of life and death, that is ignorance and stupidity. My mate is worth a thousand of you. If she were a vampire, you would be calling her Lord of the South. Remember that before you think to insult her again, or the next time I'll go ahead and let her kill you."


Yep, that right there is why Raphael both on his own and with Cyn continues to be one of my most absolute favorite characters in the genre! He is the epitome of "ALPHA MALE" but never, ever is he reduced to a simple asshole. I can only speak for myself but there is a HUGE difference for me, it can easily be a make or break and yeah, Raphael makes it, each and every time!

Fans of the Vampires In America series will love, LOVE this installment. Raphael and Cyn together continue with their perfection. Ms. Reynolds packed quite the steamy punch in this one, given it's a novella. I mean chapter one alone...WOW. We are also reunited with Lucas who is also one of my person favorites in the series. I love his relationship with Raphael and his quirky personality. He has some tense moments in this one to remind the reader that he too is just as lethal.

The competition for who will be the new Lord of the West is underway and newcomer Aden thinks he's the man for the job, it pains, PAINS ME to think that we have to wait until late this year for his book but something tells me it will be worth it!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"Just feel me, Dawn. Feel my rhythm. Our rhythm. Do you hear it?"

~ Kellan

Seriously swooned from beginning to end. Can I just say, yet again, that I'm THRILLED that Ms. Cunning has relocated to Galveston, Tx. Having the boys of Sole Regret prancing all over my state is just GRAVY! Kelly, give me 45 minutes and I am THERE!

Okay, focus. Kellan still suffers greatly from a heart breaking loss that haunts him on a daily basis. His best friend and fellow band mate is against Kellan visiting Galveston Island, more specifically a beach house that Kellan owns but can't bring himself to step foot in. As he's standing on the beach, amidst what is building to be a powerful storm, Kellan attempts to let go of his past only to have it brought right back to him, literally. He broke my heart while he stood on the shore reflecting. Damn these broken rockers.

When the storm threatened further Kellan began to rethink his trip, he needed to take shelter but the thought of walking into that house was crippling. The sweet tinkling sound of piano keys carried over the sounds of the pending storm and drew his attention to the house next door, and so it began. The woman at the keys was exactly what Kellan needed to break free of all that binds him.

Like I said, swooned the entire time. While Kellan's story is a sad one, Tie Me is a beautiful, albeit smokin' story about self forgiveness and second chances. My face literally hurt when I was done reading it, I was wearing that perma-smile as though I had a clothes hanger stuck in my mouth.

As always, I wanted more. Granted, the theme with this series is "one night" with each band member but come on! That's pure torture. You can't present me with these Texas rockers and then snatch them out from under me (get your minds out of the gutter) just like that! Still, I aint mad at ya Ms. Cunning. Tie Me was beautifully written. Dawn and Kellan's chemistry was palpable and the heart to heart between Kellan and Owen....again, I'm swooning.

Dawn noted...

She wanted to prop her chin up on her hand and stare at him dreamily.

Me too Dawn, me too.

Friday, July 12, 2013


My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

***Please note, book was gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review***

"Just knowing you, being able to reach out and touch your hair if I want, is so amazing to me. I've waited so long for you that I feel that if we rush things, you'll just evaporate like smoke through my fingers."


 Heart of the Vampire picks up right where Call of the Vampire left off. Aurora still carries a broken heart but she is trying to move on. After being pursued by her school's football star, she reluctantly agrees to a date. Fred is, well let's just say Fred has some growing up to and came off as a real ass in the beginning of the book. I have to say, he kind of grew on me though, after he had a man to man talk with his dad that is.

Even though Aurora continues to feel that longing for Jessie, she assumes her time amongst the vampires is over. Little does she know, she is being watched by those who want to take the life of the little human girl who is directly responsible for the death of one of their own. Since he's been away, Jessie has tried to take full responsibility for what happened with Viktor Adami but the Bishops, those who uphold vampire law, won't hear of it and demand to see Aurora in person, in Budapest. Jessie has a plan but if it fails, it could mean immediate death for Aurora and he himself would be buried alive for a hundred years.

Heart of the Vampire is a mature YA so while I was ready to pull my hair out at times in regards to the romantic side of the book, it's also one of the reasons I really enjoyed it. This pairing doesn't spend the entire book waxing poetic about young love and then shake hands at the end of the night. They're on edge, and poor Aurora especially, has to keep those hormones in check a time or two. lol  The book started off a bit slow for me but the second the flight plans were made, it kicked in and kept me interested and intrigued all the way to the end. I can't say that at times, it felt a tad bit immature, such as the Skype comment when Aurora was trying to get out of facing the Bishops but seeing that it was only once or twice, the wit, twists and the brass pair that's being hauled around by our lead heroine, pulled it all together. I especially loved the time spent in Budapest, the other vampire families, and how Aurora never lost sight of who she was and didn't just cower down simply because she was surrounded by a bunch of pissed off vampires. This trilogy will come to an end this winter and I can't wait to see what road takes Aurora and Jessie to what will hopefully be their happily ever after.

You can read my review of Call of the Vampire here

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Roman's Gold
(Underground Heat Book 1)
by Ann Gimpel

Travel into the future where a new law dooms shifters to life on the run, or worse. Most will be captured and sent to prison, many will die along the way, and the lucky few will find their way to the underground and the promise of safety. Ann Gimpel spins a sexy tale of danger, passion, and love in Book 1 of her new paranormal shifter series, Underground Heat.

Once respected members of society, shifters are running for their lives. In a futuristic world where resources are scarce, Kate uses her human form to work as a sex surrogate. Furious at what looks a lot like genocide for her people, she joins the shifter underground.

Devon’s been a cop for a long time. He has shifter blood, but not enough to change into anything; at least not until the police department insists on a series of infusions to make him better at tracking shifters so they can be imprisoned—or killed.

Devon’s latest assignment is Kate. From the moment he sees her, he can’t get her out of his mind. The line between hunter and hunted thins, blurs, and finally disappears. Kate and Devon defy the odds. Will their passion save them or doom them forever?

Content Notes: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Shifters, Dystopian, Enhanced Humans, Magic, Hot


Roman's Gold is a futuristic paranormal novel set in a dystopian North America where shape shifters have been outlawed and are being hunted by the government. The story is the first in the Underground Heat series by Ann Gimpel. The author packs action and a whole lot of sizzling hot sex into this fantastic novella.
Cat shifters in particular are a personal favorite of mine, and mountain lion Kate Roman has all the makings of a feisty leading lady.  By day, she works as a sex surrogate. By night, she acts as an operator for the shifter underground, helping persecuted shape shifters of all types escape from government prison camps. Kate is smart, courageous and resourceful. Ann Gimpel puts a new spin on shifters: human and animal are "joined" but retain separate and distinct identities.  Human and animal share a telepathic link. Kate and her cat engage in some hilarious exchanges that really brings an added layer of humor to the story.

Devon Heartshorn is a cop who hunts shifters for the government. He is half-Native American, and his mother was fifty percent shifter.  He has received blood infusions to make him a better bloodhound by enhancing his natural senses. However, the injections happen to have additional side effects that soon turn Devon from the hunter to the hunted.  Initially, Devon is something of a gray hero, because he has actively participated in helping the government round up shifters. However, he changes thanks to his attraction to Kate and tries to protect her prior to discovering the effect the injections are having on him.

Kate and Devon share great chemistry. Their emotional bond is tender and compelling, and the sex scenes are highly erotic. One scene in particular, when the shifted cats continue to have sex, left me blinking in surprise, but mostly because it's not something I've encountered before even in paranormal erotica. (More, I believe, due to reticent publishers, than authors). The love scenes are detailed and tasteful. There are sex scenes involving the hero/heroine and others.

Overall, the story doesn't delve too deeply into its futuristic setting, although, a couple things did throw me for the loop-d-loop. References to hover vehicles that seem to zoom through the sky like aircraft furrowed my brow. Likewise with the description of a concrete wall around Berkeley.  (I'm a resident of the SF east bay so I'm intimately familiar with the urban sprawl that is the Oakland-Berkeley area and I have trouble envisioning a wall containing the city.) Aside from a couple little nit-picky things, I had no trouble becoming completely engrossed in the story and following it through to the exciting ending.

Ann Gimpel has a smooth, strong writing style. Each of her characters possesses a distinct voice and she employs good pacing, mixing actions sequences with sex in a manner designed to keep things flowing. It seems like the government of Ann's world must have created a real problem for itself by injecting so many highly trained cops with shifter blood, so I'm looking forward to finding out what the future of the Underground Heat series holds!

So if you're looking for a red hot paranormal erotica novel, look no further.  Just make sure you've got a willing partner on standby... Or a really cold shower!

I purchased my copy of Roman's Gold on Amazon. The author did not request a review.

About the author:
Ann Gimpel is a clinical psychologist, with a Jungian bent, who practices in a very isolated area high in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains. Her avocations include mountaineering, skiing, wilderness photography and, of course, writing. A lifelong aficionado of the unusual, she began writing speculative fiction a few years ago.

For a complete list of Ann's short stories, novellas, and novels go to her website at and click the link on the home page.

Look for Fortune's Scion, a "new adult" fantasy novel coming this July from Desert Breeze Publishing and Earth's Requiem, the kick-off volume in the Earth Reclaimed Series coming in early October from Musa Publications.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

"You know you're mine, don't you?" he muttered. "You have to be. You just have to be."


Okay, so let me just say this...again, enough with the .5, .6, .7 already! GAHHHH! I love, LOVE this series but this, this is grating on my last nerve. Now that I've got that off my chest, back to swooning over Sebastian!

Sebastian is gorgeous, dangerous and three shades of cranky. He is to oversee the relocation of a very precious, ancient library for Vampyre sorceress Carling Severen. It's tricky because of the bad blood between she and the NightKind King Julian (who I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to hate but yeah...not so much. (He's too dark and cocky for me NOT to love!) At this point, it's more of a means to an end for Sebastian, he needs to keep busy, keep his mind on something else. He has a secret that he's yet to share with anyone, and because he too is a cocky SOB, the fact that he always wears shades, even at night, doesn't raise any questions.

Olivia, resident witch and librarian extraordinaire leads a very simple life, it's just her and her cat Brutus. Having been chosen to accompany an elite team to preserve a rare and magical book collection, she can't believe her luck. She is thrilled to be able to visit her dear friend Grace and her odd, yet multiple AWWWEEE inducing household. The interaction between Djinn Khalil and 5 year old Chloe alone...

So again, this is a very short read and in order to make it "worth it", the attraction and connection between Sebastian and Olivia needed to be instant and it was, but at the same time, Ms. Harrison was able to make it quite the dance, albeit a short one. The chemistry was spot on and heartfelt. The steam factor went beyond attraction, it was primal and desperate and when done properly, it can be a beautiful thing. Kudos to the author on that one, I mean, romancing the word "rutted" aint easy people!!!

Sometimes, for me at least, a side character can totally take the spotlight from the intended and you would think given how short this novella is that it would be either/or. Wicked gifts the reader not only with a totally and completely rootable lead couple but also a clever and fascinating side character in the form of Phaedra, the chosen Djinn for the journey. There is a scene, on the dock...yeah, I'm gonna need those two together like YESTERDAY.

I will absolutely continue with this series, I can only hope, for the sake of my sanity, that the books, novellas and novels alike, take more than one sitting to read.

Friday, July 5, 2013


My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

"Axel and Izzy, huh? That mean you wanna be my girlfriend or some shit?"


**Please note, book gifted by author in exchange for an honest review**

Axel is the debut novel and book 1 of the Corp Security series by new author Harper Sloan. For the most part, Izzy's childhood is a happy one. She has loving parents and the boy of her dreams. When all she holds dear is taken from her, in one way or another, she falls into a downward spiral that will reshape her life forever.
When things really come to a head and she's trying to secure her future, that path leads her, face first, into the wall of her past.

I really liked the idea of the story, it takes on a subject of very sensitive nature but one that is a very, very real problem in our society. I felt that aspect of the story rang true and helped to explain why Izzy is "Izzy". Our heroine has been through a lot, more than any one single person should ever have to deal with in one lifetime, I only regret not being able to connect with her more. I can't quite put my finger on it as to why I never got on board with her. She seemed to go back and forth a bit, noting how she had coped with something from her past but clearly hadn't. She noted, in a scene with one of the Corp boys that she had been alone for so long but actually Dee and Greg had been her rocks, her family, for quite some time. Perhaps it was the first person point of view. For me, that can be very tricky when it comes to anything beyond a short story and so I found myself needing a switch from Izzy's mind to another character before that switch actually happened. Ms. Sloan built up an intriguing ensemble cast and I would have loved to stepped into their minds as well, even if just briefly.

Axel, or as I prefer "Ax" (the name Axel kept giving me flashes of Axel Rose and I don't mean A.R. in prime either! Eesh..yeah, I'm weird, I know this.), carried the pairing for me. He's gorgeous, stunning even, and even though his "alpha" persona crossed into "asshole" land from time to time, overall, his heart, while broken, is huge. When he loves, he loves hard and that makes him an ideal lead. That being said, my standout character for Axel is Greg, I've dubbed him my 'gentle giant'. I loved Greg from the moment he made his appearance, through a questionable choice he made and all the way to the end. The Corp boys will definitely be interesting, I'm especially curious about Maddox and what it is that haunts him. Even though they slipped up, I mean you tell Izzy to stay close but then let her go off to Dee's on her own...tsk tsk, I still expect a lot from these former Marines and the ladies that are sure to steal their hearts.


Title: A Secret Fate (A Whisper Cape Novel, Book 3)
Author: Susan Griscom
Publisher: Amber Glow Books
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Cover Design by Susan Griscom
Release Date: Fall 2013
Add it to your to read list.Goodreads  

Book three in the Whisper Cape Series.

Gerry, Addie and Cael almost captured Careen’s murderer but lost Cael in the battle. Is he alive? If so, will he return? And the bigger question, thanks to Gerry's handiwork, will Cael remember Addie? Is their love lost with him?

Addie’s family and friends think she should keep her relationship with Cael a secret from him so he isn't forced into feelings he can't remember. Just what she needs, more secrets and on top of everything else, someone stole the crystal. How is she supposed to get over the loss of her lover, a lover she'd barely had for only a few short months and deal with the secret of the lost crystal at the same time?

Aiden wants nothing more than to help Addie overcome her grief and get over Cael. Or is that all he wants? What happens when too many people know the secret and someone slips up? 

An unedited Excerpt from A Secret Fate
 For the umpteenth time, over the past two weeks, Addie recited the words over and over again in her head, begging, pleading, Cael, please remember me. Please remember you love me.
Dragging her useless, helpless, and now rail-thin of a frame from the bed—their bed, his bed—she stumbled into the bathroom, hardly recognizing the person in the mirror. The sunken, dark eyes, her indented cheekbones, only made her brown eyes look larger and more recessed, giving her face a hollow look. Well, that was fine, now her face matched her hollow and empty soul.
She couldn’t work, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat. Gerry threatened to give her job to Darcy permanently if she didn’t snap out of it and get her rear end into the bar soon. She didn’t care. Why should she? Let Darcy have the damn job. She didn’t need it. She had her trust fund, didn’t she? She couldn’t face going in there, seeing all those people, everyone asking how she was getting along … without Cael—the unspoken part of the sentence. Well, how the hell did they think she was? She just lost the man she loved. Lost her dad the year before. Who would be next? Who would she lose next? Maia? The Twins who weren’t even born yet? Unthinkable. But, as the old saying went, bad things happened in threes. Maybe if she stayed home, away from other people, nobody else would die or disappear. Her family, friends, they’d all taken turns checking in on her, Darcy one day, Maia another. Gerry, Cael’s uncle Bart even stopped by. Someone, once a day would come knocking on her door, trying to coax her out of the house. “Not ready,” she’d say. “I need time.” How much time would it take? How much time does a person normally require before they learn to cope with the loss of a loved one? Learn to cope? She didn’t want to learn to cope. Addie hadn’t had much time with Cael to begin with. She felt cheated. Resentful and cheated that she didn’t get to love and enjoy her soul mate for any longer than only a few short months. According to Maia, Cael and Addie were fated. She and Cael had joked, laughing about it being a secret fate because of Addie’s secluded and sheltered childhood. Well, fate was cruel, wasn’t it?

About Susan
Susan Griscom daydreams often. And sometimes her daydreams interfere with her daydreams not to mention real life. Because, let’s face it, her character’s lives are so much more exciting. Sometimes it’s young adult or new adult or just plain old mainstream fiction and sometimes it’s paranormal romance, where her playing field delves into a different milieu than the usual vampires and werewolves. Some day she might write about fangs and fur, but for now she prefers sticking to strong heroes and heroines confronted with extraordinary forces of nature, powers and abilities beyond the norm, mixed with a little romance to get the blood boiling.
Susan lives in the Sierra Foothills in Northern California with her very romantic husband, her small yippy dog, Riley, and her humongous black cat, Saké. Her family consists of his and hers; four wonderful sons and one beautiful daughter, and seven grand angels.
Susan loves when a story takes hold and pulls her into the fantasy, that's magic.
You can visit Susan at or email her at  She loves hearing from her fans.

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