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Saturday, June 8, 2013


My rating: 2 out of 5 stars

**Please note, authors gifted book in exchange for an honest review**

"Well, I suppose you've left me no choice, have you? I'll wait, I'll be patient, until you're eighteen, that is. I'll wait because you're special, my girl. Now go home, Heather, and stop wasting my time. I can't deal with you tonight."


Wow. I don't quite know where to begin and trust me, I hate when that happens. Blurb via Goodreads...

Four intertwining love triangles, an unbreakable web preordained by the hands of time, a fate from which seventeen-year-old Heather Richardson is unable to escape, her future already written. Thrown back into the nineteenth century she is given a lifeline, a choice, will she make the right decision?

I liked the intro to this book, it provided immediate romance, intrigue and suspense. From there, however, it went downhill. I guess my first issue is the heroines age. She's seventeen, the book covers the span of the three months prior to her eighteenth birthday. In my opinion, most readers would take that as to mean it's more of a YA read, young adult even. I'm not prude and overall, the language and heat level is mild but, it's the message to young woman that concerns me most. I'm not going to hop up on my soapbox and berate the authors. They had a story to tell and they told it. That in itself takes great courage (star #1).

Heather takes one glance at Ruben and knows right then and there she would do anything for that man. Yep, just like that. My first impression of him was sleazy perv who so happened to be blessed with Greek God like looks. That never changed for me. Not for the entire length of the book. My opinion of him only worsened. She's seventeen, he's twenty four and from literally the very first encounter, he controlled and abused. There was not one redeeming quality in this male lead. He was vile, disgusting and just a grade A asshole. Her parents disgusted me as well, so approving of this relationship. In regards to real time, Heather only had one friend, and that so called friend was a disgusting excuse of one. I kept waiting for someone to sit Heather down and talk some sense into her but no, it never happened. The first 3/4 of this book read like a bad after school special.

It wasn't until Heather became trapped in another time did the book take on any real meaning, or appreciation from me. It was like an alternate story, one that I wished had taken precedence over the rest. There was true romance, friendship, and the word building created such richness. Frank, the other male lead, his character shined and his grace and manners were so refreshing given what I had to read through previously. Florence, was a delight and the closest thing Heather had to a real friend, or family for that matter.(star #2)

 It was too short and too late to reverse the damage already done. The paranormal aspect of the book was a little chaotic at times, not quite clear enough until closer towards the end where it was more spelled out for the reader. The idea was quite clever actually, kudos for that. Unfortunately for me, it wasn't enough to pull it together. I only wish that the last 1/4 of the story had been the beginning and that the previous 3/4 had simply been Heather's nightmare that she could shake off, learn from and never ever look back on again.


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