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Saturday, June 29, 2013


My rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

"You're not a gift I'm going to waste. I swear by this ring and everything it still means to me, you will be safe. I'll protect you from any animal, asshole, criminal or deviant who thinks they can lay so much as a fingernail of harm against you. And yeah, that includes protecting you from me too."


Seriously. And do I even have to say one word about that cover? Damn. Garrett Hawkins had me at the word "heaven". Saved By His Submissive begins with quite a scene. A scene that is both pulse racing and bitter sweet and sets the tone for the remainder of the book quite nicely. Due to a devastating loss, Garrett is but a shell of the man he once was and in many ways, more lethal. His comrades, Zeke specifically, is concerned for his "brother" and his seemingly inability to let go. When a big mission comes up, Zeke wants to make sure that Garrett's head is in the game before heading out. Let's talk bromance. The banter between best friends Garrett and Zeke provides quite a few laugh out loud moments and in my case, more swooning. They are the perfect duo. Garrett keeps it together, more so for the rest of his squad because he no longer really cares whether he lives or dies. That is, until he's face to face with a ghost.
Sage is one of the best lead heroines that I've come across in quite some time. There is nothing timid or weak about her and doesn't hold her tongue for anyone. For me, she made all the difference. This is a BDSM kink read with a military backdrop but it goes far beyond that at the same time. I don't really care for kink just for the sake of kink. I need plot, heart and the female to do me proud and Sage Weston delivers, absolutely! The love of her life is attempting to hide a part of himself from her and she ain't havin' it! If it's a part of him, it's a part of her, of them as a couple. The dialogue between these two characters is so beautiful, raw and intimate, it would hard not to fall in love with them as a couple. Did I mention there are quite a few laugh out loud moments between those two as well? Like I said, Sage is no wallflower and truly enjoys pushing damn near every button Garrett has and I LOVED it!
So why just 3.5 stars? Well...okay, first let me apologize ahead of time if this is MY error and I simply missed it. I don't recall much explanation of Garrett's training, as a DOM. The reader is given some back story, a memory from his childhood that say "triggered" his tendencies and there is also mentions of a wild night(s) out with Zeke but other than that, how much training has Garrett really had? The first 3/4 of the book had me, totally and completely but then something happened. It was like a switch flipped and it lost me a little bit. Not that there was anything "confusing" taking place it just felt like there was such a build up that when I finally got to it, it didn't quite feel right and while this likely makes zero sense, the ending somehow managed to go on for too long and was yet rushed at the same time. I told you that wouldn't make much sense but hey, that's me. LOL
 Zeke is up next and he's quite the force to be reckoned with, I can't wait to see how he gets himself out of the sure to be disaster that was planted in book 1!

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