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Sunday, May 19, 2013


My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

"There are three exceptional characteristics that distinguish the fingers of a guitarist."

~Owen, aka Tags, Mitchell

The above quote? me on this. Wow.

Touch Me is book #4 in the One Night With Sole Regret series by Olivia Cunning. Owen is a sweet, sensitive, charming self proclaimed mama's boy from Texas who hides behind a hard, careless, womanizing exterior. When he spies a stunning, yet slightly out of place, woman at one of his favorite sex clubs in San Antonio, Owen decides right then and there to introduce her to the perks of getting tangled up with a guitarist...

Caitlyn has an ass of an ex-husband and is looking to unwind. She needs to reassure herself that she is still desirable and is more than just a 'geek'. She's successful in her field but there is something missing in her life, cheating ex-husband aside. When she decided to try her hand at a random hook up, she never in a million years expected to catch the attention of a slightly younger 'hottie' such as Owen.

I loved the dynamic between Owen and Caitlyn and that Ms. Cunning added so much heart to this story. It's no secret that I am easily sucked in when it comes to a troubled rocker. Owen, however, his skeletons are a little different from the norm, in regards to hot musicians, which I loved. His self esteem was crushed as a child and he has to work very hard (literally) to keep those fears and insecurities at bay. Kellan, Owen's best friend and fellow band mate, saw him through the hard times. There is a bond between the two men that may be hard for outsiders to really 'get'.

Why just 3.5 stars? I don't typically give novellas higher than 4 stars because I'm a greedy bitch when it comes to good reads. I always want MORE. That being said, I smiled and swooned for page after page after page. And then the ending. What. The. Fuck. You can't drop a bomb like that and then leave me hangin'! I'm sure, positive actually, that the look on my face was PRICELESS. So while I love the dirty rockers churning around inside Ms. Cunning's brain, please, PLEASE do not do that to me again. Now...when can I get my hand on Kellan's book?!

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