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Sunday, May 5, 2013


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"Because, if it were only you and me, and my decisions didn't affect anyone else, I would willingly die just to have another minute in your arms."

~Aeron, keeper of Wrath

Damn it all. This one brought a couple of tears. OK, so...maybe it was more than just a couple. Aeron has a lot on his shoulders. He still mourns the loss of his friend Baden, feels the guilt of Paris' sacrifice and now, to top things off, that presence, those eyes on him that he has sensed for some time now, come into view. The result being Aeron's world being turned upside down.

The bloodied beauty on the hill, calling only his name, calls to his soul as well. The problem is, she's an angel, aka demon assassin and Aeron has to decide if he can believe her words, her explanation as to why her wings have been ripped from her body. The only real female company kept by Aeron in many years is his baby Legion who he fondly sees as his demon daughter. Legion doesn't share well and hates the angel Olivia, fallen or otherwise. In the Underworld, a tempter tantrum can lead to making a deal with the devil...literally.

Darkest Passion was yet another enjoyable addition to the Lords of The Underworld series. Aeron basically felt torn in two and as the reader, you can't help but feel it right along with him. We discover why he is inked from head to toe, his fears and views on love and love lost. The hardened warrior would rather not love at all for loving only to lose later on is too much to endure. Olivia has other plans.

I love when I'm able to enjoy the female lead almost as much as the male. In this genre, I sometimes find the females maddening with their weakness and 'anything for him' mentality. I haven't loved all the females in this series but I really enjoyed Olivia. She kept her growing strength soft but put her foot down when she saw fit. It was a nice balance. She and Aeron had great chemistry and I loved that she wasn't boxed off, only having scenes with him. There is a laugh out loud moment when she and Gideon have a chat.

The side character standout for me was William. How can you not love and adore that arrogant bastard? I can't say I'm fully on board with what's brewing for him but with an open mind, I'm anxiously awaiting his book. Alongside the romance, the battle continues, the race to find the artifacts. Galen is still on the loose and we find out a bit more about Cronus and company, adding an interesting twist along the way.

I jumped straight to book 6 but after that, I need to break from the series to catch up on some other books and series. That being said, I will definitely come back around to the Lords!

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