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Saturday, May 11, 2013


My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

"To part is to die."

~Gideon, keeper of Lies

Hands down, my favorite book of the series to date. I'll admit, while I liked Gideon as soon as he was introduced early on, his 'riddles' grated on my nerves a bit. His inability to tell the truth, unless he's willing to suffer immobilizing pain, means those around him have to translate his 'lies' to learn his truth. It wasn't until The Darkest Lie that I began to see that 'quirk' as more of an endearing quality. The Prologue set the perfect tone and I was not disappointed.

Gideon is delish with his striking blue hair, ink an metal galore. Just...yes. Before our heroine, Scarlet, really makes her mark, the reader is introduced to Gideon, his thoughts, his quirks, his bromance with Strider and his love for fresh flowers being spread throughout the fortress. 'That shit smelled good," after all. *wink*

Scarlet is the newest resident in the Lords dungeon. Because she's also known as Shadow Girl, the Lords want answers but none as much as Gideon. Scarlet is also a demon (Nightmares) possessed immortal but more importantly, she claims to be Gideon's wife. Gideon has no memory of her whatsoever, even though there is something familiar about her. Something he can't quite put his finger on. He's determined to get the answers he seeks but it won't be easy. Scarlet is one hell of a female lead and she's got Gideon's number. She can and joyfully does, push every single button the warrior has, this coupled with her lust filled adoration for Robert Pattinson, what can I say? I love this girl~!

The Darkest Lie is filled with just that, lies of the darkest, most shocking kind. The level of betrayal and deceit knows no bounds. Just when you think you know, you don't. Gideon and Scarlet's chemistry is so perfect and effortless. I became more and more invested in the couple with each flip of the page. They both challenge and complete each other as they fight for their 'truth'. This installment is quite the emotional roller coaster. I laughed, swooned, had a couple of 'well damn.' moments. There were also tears, prepare to have your heart strings yanked on a few times!

Gideon and Scarlet's journey would have carried this book on it's own with ease. That being said, the build up of books to come and stand out scenes with other characters just brought it all together for a fantastic read. Did I mention Gideon and Cronus enjoying their odd (yet highly entertaining) little 'hot sauce free popcorn' man date? Amun broke my heart, Strider has his hands full and then there's the William bombshell...

Love this series!

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