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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

She ran because her goddess commanded it, swearing revenge in her heart because she no longer believed in justice, whether she was sworn to it or not.

~Victoria Storm

**Please note, book was gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review**

What a pleasant surprise! Ms. Snark initially contacted me about reviewing book 2 of this series, Hunger Moon (my review is coming soon!) but she also mentioned this novella, as it introduces the heroine to the reader, and that I was welcome to it as well. I am so very glad I read this first.

The Child Thief doesn't waste much time "setting the tone" and for me, that is HUGE when it comes to my entertainment level where a novella is concerned. I can be such a child when it comes to the books that I read. I'm anxious the second I turn my kindle on and quite frankly, I don't enjoy the endless rambling about the purple hued sky, rolling mountain tops, the tweedy bird in the get the gist. I want a novella to come out swinging and that's exactly what Ms. Snark did.

Victoria Storm is the newly named Alpha of her pack. She questions whether or not she is worthy and the reasoning behind her new title is heartbreaking. Not only is Victoria a were-shifter but she was gifted with spirit sight which adds to her sense of responsibilities when it comes to protecting and making things right. Unfortunately for her, her once allies are now vicious enemies because they blame her for the loss of one of their own. She has suffered great loss that in some ways has made her hard but this strong heroine has a big heart.

You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, you really shouldn't yet...we all know we have! I don't like this cover at all. I don't think it doesn't the book justice nor does it really capture what the book is about. I do, however, like the cover for book 2 so "YAY!" for that. I love my paranormal creatures, obviously. That being said, there are times where the "creature" is just a little too much, too over the top, for me and that was the case here. Another aspect that I'm struggling with is character development. I love how she didnt' make my head spin by introducing too many characters all at once. Aside from Victoria, there were only a handful of others mentioned. There were three standouts for me and what did the author do? She KILLED TWO OF THEM!!! So here is where I'm torn, on one hand, I'm thinking "WTF? Get me invested and snatch them right out from under me?!" but...on the other, "That's ballsy, I dig that shit." That in itself deserves a THUMBS UP in my book.

The Child Thief is a fantastic fast paced introduction to what is sure to be kick ass urban fantasy series! Stay tuned for my review of book 2, Hunger Moon!

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