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Saturday, April 13, 2013


My rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

"Fly with me babe. Fly."

~Adam, lead guitarist of Sole Regret

Damn it. I had such high hopes. I do love me some rock stars and I loved book 1 of this series. That being said, it's as though the book grabbed me, then lost me.

Madison and Adam have known one another for just over a year and every time Sole Regret hits the Dallas area, they hook up for that brief time he's in town. 'Hooking up' is no longer enough for Madison but she is afraid to voice it to Adam, fearing he'll bail, not having the time or desire for anything 'real' with her.

Adam is a rock star with a past. A past that Madison is well informed of. He got his first taste of how rough life can be at a young age and this recovering addict struggles with his demons as well as understanding what his true feelings for Madison are, the girl who has stood by him in some of his darkest times.

I try not to 'spoil' in my reviews so explaining the 2.5 stars will be tricky. The nature of Adam and  Madison's relationship turned me off. WAY OFF. Not the 'hook up' aspect but how they met and how the 'relationship' began. That just did not work for me given Adam's background. I realize this is Olivia Cunning and she can write the hell out of smutty rockers BUT...I felt she laid the groundwork for a story with more depth and raw emotion but then didn't follow through.

In all honesty, I could live with or without Madison but Adam could have been a really interesting character to further develop. He and I were both  short changed because as his intrigue and layers really started to take shape, I guess that meant the kinky sex and overly horny 'good girl' quota wasn't being met because the next thing I know, the switch was flipped. By the end, Madison seemed like a different character altogether and Adam, his issues, struggles and inner regret, well, guess that got left behind on the tour bus.


  1. Great review Texxie, I agree, these books do need a bit more.. they are like a bit of a tease and you just don't quite get where you want to go. Enjoyable, but could be excellent with a bit more fleshing out.

  2. thx luv! agreed on all counts. I'm at 75% right now, in book 3 and it's much better. I'm not new to her work so I've grown to love it for what it is, 'smexy fun' and most of the time it works. Just not in Adam's story. Unfortunately.:-\