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Thursday, April 4, 2013


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"You turn me inside out, Ami, expose all my secrets. You make me burn. And I've been cold for so long."


Action, action and more action. Night Reigns, book 2 in the Immortal Guardians, comes out swinging. Marcus is a pissy old chap who would like to be left alone, just him, his ferocious house cat Slim and his fighting gear. His life as an immortal hasn't been an easy one, his chances at love, even more complex. Even though it is customary that the Guardians have a Second (a human assistant if you will), Marcus wants no part of it. Been there, done that. Bitch and moan as he may, when Seth , leader of the immortal guardians, says get the picture. Though shaken by his attraction to the emerald eyed beauty, Marcus still aims to drive her away, hoping she will run, kicking and screaming, to Seth demanding she be reassigned. Thing is, Ami is no quitter. She has been assigned a job and a job she'll do whether the big, bad and brooding immortal likes it or not.

Seth is especially protective of Ami and the nature of their relationship isn't quite clear, much to Marcus' dismay. Ami is unlike any Second Marcus has ever had, in more ways than he knows. Both have to be battle ready at any given moment, regardless of the battle that each is fighting within themselves. Marcus finds her 'impressive', for a human that is and even Slim seems to have taken a liking to her. With the infected vampire uprising gaining momentum and the intended targets becoming blurry, they must rely on one another despite the secrets between them.

Night Reigns is a fast paced urban fantasy, laced with paranormal romance and sprinkled with a bit of sci-fi to boot. The laugh out loud moments between the bickering immortals, not to mention Marcus and Ami's 'skate scene', added great charm. Keeping the who's who and the what's whats was a little challenging at times simply because there was just so much going on. The immortals, the vampires, ballsy yet half crazed humans and who's that with wings?! I enjoyed the twists and turns and every revelation and/or hint that popped up throughout. I loved Roland in book 1 and now Marcus as well. That being said, and I haven't even gotten to his book yet, but Bastien is the one, THEE ONE that I can already see myself fan-girl'ing over. Seriously.

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