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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

"But I am a man, and I want you to let me be a man. I'll give you all the control you need in life, but not of me."


**Please note, book was gifted by author in exchange for an honest review**

I'm a note taker. Each and every time I read/review a book, I have it at arms length so that I take notes as I go. When I finished Immortal Distraction, book 2 of The Immortals series by Elizabeth Finn, I looked down and saw 3 notes. THREE. Why? Because it was hard to look away long enough to pick up my pen. That being said, I have 33 highlights on my paperwhite!

This was one hell of a sequel. Angus Scott is the head of the vampire council for the Eastern region of the U.S.. When a nosey detective starts asking a lot of questions about the recent murders in the city, it makes his job of ensuring the the secrecy of his race a bit harder. When said detective comes in a gorgeous, fiery little package, it makes him, himself a bit harder...ahem.

Detective Brit Sutton has had a hard life. Her childhood was dysfunctional at best given her junkie mother and felon of a father. Through fight and grit, she rose above it and is damn good at her job. Her difficult life has hardened her in some ways and she literally throws herself into her job determined to be a standout in a man's world regardless of how many balls she must break to get there. She needs this, it's what keeps her together and whole.

What begins as a mission to see just how much she knows, quickly turns into much more as Angus feels himself drawn more and more to this amazing little mortal. Angus typically doesn't have any interest in human women, given how ultimately fragile they are. This one, however, isn't afraid to go nose to nose with him regardless of the fact that he towers over her. While he loves her determination, fire and strength, Being the alpha male he is, Angus also loves the 'art of submission without the theatrics'. And so it begins...

Immortal Distraction is a mix of  high octane action and violence, scorching hot romance that delightfully pushes the boundaries, intrigue, and some great laugh out loud moments. Angus at the coffee shop alone was priceless. The pacing is flawless, with never a dull moment. The dance between Angus and Britt is a fascinating, yet heart breaking and heart warming one. I had more fangirling occurrences than I care to admit at the moment. I cannot wait for book 3, enjoy!!!!

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