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Friday, March 1, 2013


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"Are you going to leave me after you fix me?"

~Jace (aka Jason Seymour)

It doesn't take long to begin noticing a pattern with me, my soft spots, when it comes to my male leads. Aside from my paranormal fascinations, I always fall for the athletes, musicians, the broken shy types who are haunted and a wee bit quirky. Sinners bassist Jace is just my brand of beautiful. Granted, he is physically attractive. While a bit on the short side, he's built like a boxer and those chocolate brown eyes will melt you right where you stand. Looks aside, it's his boyish charm and sensitivity that will win you over and if that doesn't work, once you get him behind closed doors...ahem.

Jace wanted to be a Sinner before he even knew how to play bass. He was a young boy whose music, the piano, was the only thing positive in his life. To say he came from a troubled childhood would be quite the understatement. With a cold, distant mother and bitter, angry father, music was the only thing that had never let him down. Jace doesn't see just how talented he is, he's just happy for the opportunity to stand alongside his idol, his hero. So while the other band members are, in many ways, walking cartoons, Jace keeps his gaze down, tries to ignore how they tease him for his size, his focus is on his music and  he stays out of the spotlight, until he sees her.

Aggie, aka Mistress V, couldn't help but drop her bullwhip when she laid eyes on him. This was extremely out of character for her seeing she only really views men as potential slaves, only anticipating to 'break them' but there's something about him, the leather clad bad boy with the face of an angel. In her, Jace thinks he may finally get what he needs, what he deserves...pain. What was initially to be one time session turns into much, much more and both Jace and Aggie fight it every step of the way.

Jace lands in the 'can't help but fall' category and as the reader, you will continue to fall, fall and fall again as the story progresses.  He's almost shy to a fault and openly admits that women confuse him. He can't always maintain eye contact so his gaze may drop towards the floor or maybe towards the ceiling, anywhere but her eyes was often the case. There is a scene where he reaches into his jacket pocket to give her something...heart. melted. He keeps his true self hidden from his band mates. They don't even know about his run down apartment or even Brownie, his cat. This was another 'fall' moment for me. He noted that not only did they not know about Brownie, but also the fact that he talks to Brownie like he would a person. He said to Brownie, 'So, I met a girl...' Say it with me...AWWW!!!

I was pleasantly surprised by Hot Ticket. Ms. Cunning added more depth to this installment than the previous two. The rockers are still HOT and the steam factor continues on, FULL. SPEED. AHEAD. But this one, for me at least, was more plot driven and I was extremely happy with the result. I also love the humor in this series and Hot Ticket did not disappoint. Whether it was Aggie's mom insisting on calling Jace 'Maynard' or Eric's rendition of 'O Canada' while he marched up and down the isle of the tour bus, I found myself laughing out loud, numerous times, helping to even out my heartbreak for Jace.

Overall, Hot Ticket, is Jace's journey to discovering and forgiving himself as a man, a friend, a lover, and a bad ass guitarist. All wrapped up in all the sex, chaos and mayhem we've come to expect and love from the Sinners.

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