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Thursday, March 14, 2013


My rating: 3 stars out of 5

"Listen to the sound of my heart, Shayla. Count the beats if you have to."


Enslaved has all the makings for a fantastic read. Deryck is a 3000 year old Incubus slave whose mother had been mortal and his father, an Egyptian fertility God. Living the life of a slave is a miserable existence. Deryck feels no love for the women he's forced to service. He feels nothing but shame, resentment and anger in regards to the life he's been handed.

Shayla has had a hard life, a failed marriage ending in double tragedy, she has basically cut herself off from the rest of the world. She finds security in her bland existence and simply wants the nightmares to stop. I think it's really important for heroines to come in all shapes and sizes. Enslaved made an attempt but for me, it fell short. Shayla came from an abusive relationship where her weight was often used against her so it's understandable that she struggles with her self image. That being said, whining about how big her ass is and two seconds later diving into basically whatever junk food she could get her hands on...unfortunately, the moment then passed. It didn't promote the understanding that you can be healthy and beautiful at any size. That was an issue for me, may not be for others, to each their own.

There are bigger powers in play when Deryck catches a glimpse of the woman he's seen in his dreams. He doesn't understand how he's able to dream at all, let alone in such detail of a woman that actually exists. Keep in mind he's 3000 years old so the every day of Earth isn't something he's accustomed to so his venture into the big bad city was charming and entertaining and the fact that Shayla assumed he was a crazy stalker made it even better. They come from different worlds, different times, so what seemed sweet and genuine to him, screamed restraining order to her! Deryck and Shayla's dance was the best part of this book, unfortunately, once he actually 'got the girl' it started to fall a bit flat for me. It was as though it took an abrupt turn and never really righted itself.

I really liked the idea of learning a bit more about Deryck and the others, their history, the formed relationships, but the pacing and flow of the story wasn't as smooth as it could have been so it didn't quite work for me. I gave it 3 stars because there is so much potential and some very, very good aspects of the book and the world that is being created for this new series. I would like to have been given more build up, backstory,  and for the pacing to flow a bit better. R.C. Murphy is definately an author I would like to read more from and I'm curious as to where she will take the next installment.

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