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Sunday, March 24, 2013


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"Understand. I am here. I am yours. I'm not giving up."

~Lucien, aka Death

Anya, goddess of Anarchy is cursed, hunted and a major pain in my ass. I absolutely loathed this character up until the eighth or ninth chapter, I only slowly warmed up to her after that, as the story progressed. Lucien, however, is written so deliciously and completely that he could carry any character and carry he did.

Her lines, attitude and glaring immaturity, just everything about her was so cheesy and over the top it made my eye twitch. I love a strong kick ass heroine as much as the next person but she was just...a cartoon. Had I not fell for Lucien in book 1, there may have been a bit a skimming when it came to her scenes. That being said, when she finally softened and acted like a grown up, it was a beautiful thing.

Lucien is Death, he escorts souls to their final resting place. He's the leader, the quiet stoic one, the scared one. Lucien knows a heartache so strong it led him to destroy all that is beautiful, himself included. Women don't look at him like they do his 'brothers', the other Lords. He usually senses fear, trepidation, even disgust and that's just fine by him. Though lonely, it hurts less this way. He's struck by the pull he feels towards this goddess and even more so by the pull she seems to feel towards him. No one desires him therefor her motives must be shady.

I like what the author did with Anya and Lucien, their dance, their back and forth and tit for tat. Anya is a strong, flawed heroine who in many ways is perfect for Lucien but in some, I had to wonder 'why?'. I loved Lucien both finding and forgiving himself and allowing himself to smile. He's a truly charming and endearing character. He's lethal, possessive and protective, a delicious mix for this demon Lord.

 The Darkest Kiss is a fast paced, thrilling erotic romance with a generous dose of suspense, heartache and laugh out loud moments (email capable cellphones and Lucien accidentally landing in the naked lap of a rather excited gay mans lap...I DIED. hahaha) Like I said, in some ways I wanted more for Lucien but overall I'm happy with how things wrapped up. I also loved the fact that while this is his book, the other Lords didn't simply disappear for awhile. As the reader, we learn a sweet little tidbit about Maddox and Ashlyn, a deeper glimpse inside of Paris and his world being turned upside down and then there's Aeron and Reyes as Reyes makes a heart wrenching decision. I plan to have a box of Kleenex and chocolate on standby for that one, wish me luck. ;-)


  1. Great review. I'm planning on continuing this series soon as part of a Showalter Challenge this year. Loved Maddox!

  2. thx for stopping by lori and agreed, maddox...♥♥♥

  3. Couldnt get enough of Lucien!! I really wasnt too keen on Anya either until she started seducing Lucien!