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Sunday, March 10, 2013


My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

"Well there's a crooked dram of whiskey and a game that's gone to Lucifer."

~Calum Micheil Garrett

Random bursts such as the above entertained me, here and there and I read this book. That being said, overall, I was really disappointed in this book. I loved, LOVED book 1 of this series but this one, just did not deliver. It wasn't a bad book, by any means, and had it been an introduction into a series, I may think more highly of it. Blood Knot, book 1, came out swinging. I was hooked almost immediately so yeah, I'll admit, my expectations for this installment were pretty high. Unfortunately, I didn't even begin to care what was going on until roughly the half way mark. It felt slow to me and I know it was during that time that I was supposed to get to know and ultimately start to care about the lead characters. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

The three lead characters are Kate, Adrian and Garrett. Kate is a Hollywood producer/director, Adrian is a Hollywood businessman and Garrett is a financial genius. Kate annoyed me, Adrian was...hmm, sexy but came off  'empty'. It took quite awhile before I found much appeal in him aside from his looks. Garrett, I struggled with him too, I needed him to grow a pair a time or two which affected his growing appeal as well. Most of the book takes place on a movie set. It almost felt to me that too much detail was given on that technical process instead of the character and romance building. Sure, there was some hot and steamy scenes early on but those felt rushed to me, almost mechanical. It wasn't until the last quarter of the book that I started to feel anything for the main three and by then, it all felt rushed and I wasn't able to really 'get it'.  It was the three from book 1, Nial, Winter and Bastian that still drew me in even though their roles were more secondary in this installment. So if you're wondering why 3 stars instead of 2 or 2.5, they are the reason why. Their chemistry feels effortless and I really enjoyed what scenes they were given.

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