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Sunday, March 3, 2013


My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

"I love you Ember. I want you to hear it now, and you deserve to hear it now. There's no reason to wait and say it once I've spent myself in your body. I love you as much when you're driving me mad as I do when we make love."


Winning a free book is always a good thing. Winning a free book that ends up landing itself on your FAVORITES list is even better! One of my GR groups gave this away just the other day and I had just finished my last book so I thought, "Perfect timing! Why not?"

Ember's childhood was anything but typical. She was abducted at the tender age of ten, chained to wall where a mad man had the most perverse of intentions in mind. Ember escaped with both her life and her innocence, but how? Fast forward seven years to a now timid seventeen year old Ember who had a little too much to drink at a party and being pawed by a classmate who may or may not register the meaning of the word 'no'. Again, she escapes. These near attacks stay fresh in her mind but her escape, the how, the who and the why escape her. Parts of her memory just aren't there and all it takes is a simple word muttered from his lips, 'Sleep'...

Truman will never forget the night he saved the young, innocent Ember from the clutches of a monster but for her own safety, he does everything in his power to make sure that she, herself does indeed forget him and his role in her escape. Detached from his clan, Truman walks in solitude and feeds only on the monsters of the world, the murders, rapists, pedophiles. His own tragic loss from centuries prior fuels his obsession to ensure Ember remains safe, always. He watches her from the shadows, steps in whenever he is needed and just like that, he removes himself from her memory each time. As Ember grows into a beautiful young woman, Truman finds his own feels shifting and somehow, along the way, he falls deeply in love with her.  That being said, her safety always comes first and she simply doesn't belong in his world. Therefor, Truman cherishes what time he has with her. When Ember suffers a heartbreaking loss, Truman is there to comfort, reveal his true self, and give his heart and body, all to her and even though it all ends with his purr of 'Sleep', Truman knows he will never be able to let her go.

As Truman falls deeper and deeper in love with her, danger lurks in the shadows. His clan, especially leader Mason isn't happy with Truman being on his own and he sees Ember as a bargaining chip to make Truman bend at his will. When Truman fells his world closing on him and tragedy strikes once more, Truman makes dangerous decision that could cost both him and Ember their lives and at the very least, she could lose all memory of him forever. While that thought alone shatters his heart, again, it's her safety that matters more than anything. The question is, can the heart carry what the mind has since lost, and will Truman's heart survive the harsh reality of being her stranger once more?

Immortal Protector is the epitome of all things Paranormal Romance. What fascinated me most about this book was the role reversal. In this genre, it's typically the female lead pining away for the untouchable, broken hero waiting, desperately hoping that he will eventually see that they are meant to be. In some ways, it's hard to describe Truman. Aside from the tall lean build, brown hair and striking hazel eyes, he has the 'best of both worlds' thing going for him. He is all alpha, no doubt but at the same time, well, lets just say, I told a friend, 'He's such a girl, but not in that ugh grow a pair already!, kind of way.' Clear as mud? OK, let me try again lol. There is absolutely no reason to doubt his masculinity. He is dangerous, intimidating and pure Dominant in the bedroom but his heart is sensitive and open and he loves so hard, so completely and it takes a REAL MAN to fall to his knees, sobbing and begging for what matters most to him in the entire world.

I could go on and on about this book but instead, I encourage everyone to to dive into the wold Ms. Finn has created. This is pure, raw, paranormal romance/urban fantasy with alpha vampires, delicious kink elements, action, suspense and a beautiful love story that will mark your soul. I hope you enjoy Ember and Truman's dance as much as I did. After all, they are just 'so fucking good at this.' *wink*

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