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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"I knew I was lying when I reminded her that the fact that she was mine hadn't changed. No matter what alpha male act I might pull off in trying to intimidate her, I knew the truth. She was no longer mine. At some point during all those nights I'd spent with her, I'd become hers."

~Derek Novak, Prince of The Shade

**Please note, book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**

The evening of Sophia's seventeenth birthday wasn't anything near what she was expecting. Not that a big blowout, planned by her parents, was going to take place. At the young age of nine, Sophia's mother was sent to an insane asylum and her father has long since turned his back. The most important person in her life is her bestfriend Ben, unfortunately, he forgot her birthday, again. Seeing his arm wrapped around another girl only added insult to injury which leads Sophia to take a late night walk along the beach to gather herself. Instead of finding some inner peace, Sophia found herself face to face wtih a gorgeous stranger who is set to turn her life into a living hell.

Lucas wants to keep Sophia for himself, add her to his extensive lot of pretty young things for him to feed from, in more ways than one. Even though he was the one who found her, Sophia is meant to be amongst the young girls who will hopefully be enough for Derek. Derek Novak, the Dark Prince and younger brother to Lucas but the most powerful Vampire 'alive' who has been asleep for 400 years. Disgusted by who he is and what he cannot control, Derek is still unable to resist Sophia so he chooses her as his own. Sophia stands strong, and is brave as she is led off to what she expects to be her ultimate demise. And then...he took her hand.

Ok, I'll admit it, I fangirled quite a bit through this YA Paranormal Romance. Between Sophia's and Derek's POV, their inner thoughts, awww. No really, sweet but not sticky sweet. This romance has depth, not just another teen 'rah rah' read. Being 'forever 18' and the most powerful vampire of which the rest of his race looks to him for guidance and security, is a lot to take on. Derek doesn't want this, he never did. Fate however had different plans.

Ms. Forrest presents a slightly different YA PNR than I'm used to. I can handle the lack of language and sex but one of my biggest issues with YA is that the paranormal 'creatures', vamps in particular, tend to lose their bite. I understand that it's a fine line when trying to stay within a certain age group and yet keep the vamps 'true to form' if you will. A Shade of Vampire accomplishes this, with ease, in my opinion.

These vamps are ruthless and driven by blood. Even the 'good brother' who 'always has music in his head' will rip a mans still beating heart right out of his chest if pushed too far. Granted, these vamps were young when they were turned but Derek for example is roughly 500 years old so a virgin he is not. With the use of clever word play, the point is made that he doesn't simply want to play card games with Sophia but keeps it a healthy PG13. Overall, a very impressive beginning to a new YA Paranormal series from the creative mind of Bella Forrest. I look to read more from this author and highly anticipate what happens next in 'The Shade".

Want to know more? Visit for a sneak peak at the first 6 chapters!!!


  1. that quote made me 'awww'...great review..might have to put it on my TBR tho the 'YA' still makes me eehhhh....

  2. I just added a link at the end of my review, you can read the first 6 chapters for FREE! ;-)

  3. gahhh!!! I can't not read that now! Gotta get my hands on it damn it!

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