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Thursday, February 14, 2013


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"Yes, I loved you from the minute we sang in the rain when you were twelve, and I was eighteen. I was a boy; I should have been out grinding against girls, but all I wanted to do was hang out with the twelve year old and her dark pigtails."

~Travis Phoenix

Damn those musicians. Twenty one year old Violet is the apple of her fathers eye. Considering dear ol' dad is the lethal hard nosed leader of  the Phoenix Motorcycle Club, her childhood was 'different' to say the least. She's been splitting her time between her estranged parents for years. Mandy, Violet's mom, is the perfect loving mother. She dotes and worries about her baby girl. It's easy to picture her baking cookies and perhaps a mild mannered 'tsk tsk' now and then. Caden, aka Chief, protects his baby girl in a much different way. Just as loving and  protective, the difference being, touch his daughter and he. will. cut. you. No really, he'll string you up and  beat the ever living hell out of you. Awe...only a fathers love.

Even though her childhood was a little unorthodox, 'Mischief' (nickname given to her by her father) has bright spots. She recalls a first kiss, playing in the rain, childhood pranks and first love with a grey eyed, dimple cheeked, dirty blonde, she lovingly called 'Trav' . Six years her senior, Travis was not only the first boy Mischief ever loved, but he was also her best friend. They were inseparable, until Travis disappeared that is. He simply took off one day, leaving Mischief with a broken heart and a lot of questions. Those questions wouldn't even begin to be answered until four years later, when Travis Phoenix, ROCKSTAR, struts back into Caden's front door.

Travis has his own demons and somehow isn't quite aware of the damage he caused when he left town all those years ago. Mischief hasn't just grown up, she's also been through a lot and is still haunted by scenes of the past.She must always look over her shoulder, for more reasons than one. As the son of former club leader,Travis has always been welcomed by Chief. He's the son he never had but how welcoming will he be when it comes to Travis and his baby girl?

I have to say, Phoenix Rockstar surprised me.  I went in expecting a cute, spicy rocker read, something a little on the light side. I couldn't have been more wrong. It's definitely a romance but there isn't anything light or fluffy about it. Sure, I smiled a lot and fangirled multiple times (I do love me some musicians) but there was much more intensity than I anticipated which totally sucked me in. The story goes beyond Mischief and Travis, adding more depth and making for a fast pace read that threw me, more than once, with it's unexpected twists, turns and reveals.

Why not 5 stars? Well, I had a little trouble getting a good read on Violet/Mischief. In some ways, she is extremely immature which was a turn off for me. At the same time, her love for, and relationship with her parents is endearing and I felt she handled her situation with Travis, the best way she knew how. This girl has a lot on her plate and it's understandable that her emotions are all over the place and we all make mistakes under the right amount of pressure and anxiety. Trust me when I say it, Travis has ISSUES. I love an alpha male just as much as the next girl but in some ways, Travis goes beyond that, into questionable territory. Oddly enough, I liked that about the story because lets face it, there's a fine line between 'alpha' and 'abusive' and Travis stumbles a time or two, making it much more realistic in my eyes.

Here is where I'm likely to offend someone, lol. Grammar. Yes, of course it is incredibly important. At the same time, I can't help but feel that in some cases, the ALWAYS proper grammar takes away from the feel, emotion of the story that is being told, especially when it comes to conversation between characters. As Americans, we butcher the English language. It's what we do!! Some of what would have otherwise been very powerful exchanges, fell a little short for me because it felt so...mechanical. 'I am this' and 'You are not', If some of the exchanges were spoken aloud between two people, it would sound robotic. Yes, I know I'm weird but that just annoyed the ever living...anyway, I pressed on and so glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed Phoenix Rockstar and jumped straight into book 2, as will you because the cliffhanger at the end...WOW.

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