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Saturday, February 16, 2013


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"I don't fucking care; my life without you has been dark. You are my light now; I need you, fix me Mischief, fix this."
~Travis Phoenix

Well damn, another intense and emotional roller coaster. Heart Song picks up right where Phoenix Rockstar left off. I think it's safe to say Mischief needs to be planted firmly inside off a bubble, she can't catch a break to save her life! She has needed time to heal physically, mentally and emotionally. Having been gone for two years, a lot has changed and some of those changes will be hard for Mischief to wrap her mind around.

Chief has suffered and ached during the absence of his daughter, more than she initially knows. Even so, he has managed the best way he can and to Mischief's surprise, it appears Jasmine now has a place in his life as well, even though Chief has Mischief close to his heart, literally. Father and daughter reunion is both heart wrenching and shaky. Since the 'family' looks a little different now, it's going to take some time and understandably so. And then there's Travis...

My poor, poor Travis. He'll rip your heart right out. He hasn't managed well during her absence. He's furious and drowning in alcohol, women and drugs. He's lost and broken and basically doesn't know what to do with himself. Travis goes above and beyond when it comes to traits such as possessiveness and intense. Musicians tend to be driven by their hearts, regardless of what shape said hearts are in at any given time. This rings very true for Travis. He's spinning out of control and makes damn sure she and everyone else knows it. Even with all his hurt and anger, he still loves her. Travis loves her on a level that's hard to find words for. She isn't just  'under his skin', she's what runs through his veins, she is the beginning and end of every breath he takes and as angry as both of them are, they can't sever that link, their souls are intertwined. That being said, their journey continues to test both their love and their will.
I loved this book and hope there is more of the series to come. That being said, it did get a little overwhelming for me in some ways. It was always something, and I do mean always. I love a fast paced, action filled romance as much as the next girl. At times it felt that it was going to snowball and sort of get away from me a little. I would have preferred it slowed down just a bit. Overall, the Biker Rockstar series is a fascinating and angst filled romance with hot rockers and lethal bikers who love a little 'Mischief' *wink*

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  1. I thought these books were going to be the death of me! still got some makin up to do haha.....but really -_-

    I guess at least you had the decency to check up on me every once in a while....