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Sunday, February 10, 2013


My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

"Never touch an angel's wings unless you mean to touch more of him."


Sitting high upon a rooftop in the city of Chicago, fallen angel Aaron watches and waits. His chest fills with pride as he spies his intended, the beautiful Samantha Benson, slip in and out of the shadows then ultimately break into a museum.

Samantha is all alone in the world and finding it hard to bend to the new rules set in place a year prior when the humans all but handed over complete control to the angels, so that they may protect them.If she can pull off this heist, maybe, just maybe, she can create a new life for herself. A new life is closer than she realizes and comes in the form of a tall, bronzed bodied, blonde with topaz eyes and wings aflutter.

Aaron's need for her goes beyond the electric energy she creates in his heart and body alike. An unmated angel is vulnerable and that's not something Aaron can risk given the war at hand to save humankind. Samantha possesses a unique ability that will aid Aaron and the rest of the Fallen in their mission. Will she risk her life for the mission and her heart at the same time?

For Want of an Angel, the 3rd installment of The Fallen Warriors series, is a sweet, yet oh so spicey novella. Aaron has been betrayed, he still bares the scars, literally. His heart remains pure and open to the love he both desires and deserves. He's written with a boyish charm with a glint of mischief which is always a plus for me. As with most novellas, I wanted more. I enjoyed how his story played out, I only wish it had been elaborated on, more details, more backstory. That being said, For Want of an Angel brings in some action and suspense near the end creating a great set up for book 4 which is set to be released later this month. Stay turned!


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  1. OMG I am sooo reading this!! (This is Kat, my ID isnt showing up)