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Saturday, February 23, 2013


My rating: 4.5 out 5 stars

"I will do the best I can with you Angel, and I can only give you what I know..."

~Caden Williams, aka, Chief

**Please note, there may be some cursing below. lol**

First things first, why oh why couldn't this have been book 1?! Not that this isn't common, a back story provided later on in the series, but still, WHYYYYY?! My advice to all, if you're considering reading this series, read Chief's Angel FIRST. If you've already read the first two, prepare yourself.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, OMG...fucking rip my heart out why don't you?! I have a soft spot for Chief, have since book 1, so maybe that's why had the impact that it did. Chief's Angel begins in the Summer of '85 when a then seventeen year old Mandy is fed up being expected to do each and every thing her parents expect her to. Her parents dictate everything from where she'll work to whom she'll date and Mandy is finding it hard to breathe. Teen rebellion in such cases isn't new so it was no surprise when young Mandy decides getting some ink done will give her some of that control back. What was a surprise, was the man holding the needle and his unexpected effect on her.


They couldn't be more opposite, yet the chemistry is as strong as it is immediate. This timid girl sees something in him that she hasn't seen any man previously, certainly not the boy her parents are trying to marry her off to. She's affected even by the slightest of touches as he marks her (get your minds out of the gutter my pervy peeps, I'm talking ink here! *wink*). Even  though the time was short, they each got a glimpse of the person who stood before them, expecting just that...only a glimpse. Now flash forward four years, Spring of '89, to a chance meeting at a beach party. Young Mandy is all grown up and Caden (now 25yrs old), as she insists on calling him even if he suggests 'Chief' multiple times lol, has filled out nicely, and then some. Even though Mandy can feel it in her bones that this can end so badly, she can only resist him for so long and soon, the two are dating.

A normal, new relationship can be tested even under the most normal of circumstances. These two? Please...they're a disaster waiting to happen and happened it did. Given Caden's lifestyle, Mandy not only had to adjust to the differences in him, but to his entire club, his dad, those he rides alongside...his family. Mandy was forced, more than once, to 'prove herself' and she did. I can't say she did so unscathed but she held her own. Mandy is sheltered and a bit of a 'Princess' but she couldn't be more perfect for Caden and despite everything, I still feel he's perfect for her as well.

I've come to expect an excess of drama and chaos from this author and Chief's Angel rang true. As a reader you're gushing one second, gasping another and then gritting 'What the fuck was that shit?' through your teeth, refusing to blink in case your kindle magically flashes a reasonable answer. Chief is a complex man and this book gives you the back story as to how he became the man we first met in Phoenix Rockstar.

Chief is charming, yet intimidating and while he can be playful and silly, that can change at the flip of a dime making him lethal and capable of, well...pretty much anything. Chief found his 'angel' as he was still finding himself and that can be a dangerous mix for all involved parties. This was an emotional roller coaster that ripped my heart out. Even when I wanted to kick his ass myself, my heart hurt for him and Mandy as well. Chief's Angel makes a very STRONG case that while 'Mischief' may have gotten her dads eyes, her mothers strength is what kept her going. I loved the glimpses of the side characters that would come to mean more as the series progresses. When I came across a young, curious Travis...just, awe!!

Even though there were some minor editing issues and I'm still pissed and bitter that this wasn't the first book, I found myself so invested, even to the point where I read it in one sitting. Chief is broken, as is his Mandy. As the reader, you have to decide for yourself , did he get what's coming to him? Is he just a product of his environment and upbringing? Or maybe, just maybe, this was a road only Chief could walk and somehow remain standing, though broken, in search of an angel.


  1. omg yes.....this review is perfect. by the end I was tearing up remembering all that happened..and Im still bitter myself that this was not book one....

    1. so glad you like the review, I had yo force myself to just stop typing! Probably could have went another couple if pages. lol

      and i knowwwww u approve of my chief casting and pics! :-P